Battle Ops APK 1.4.21

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There are a lot of shooting games to enjoy today and one of them is Battle Ops APK. In this exciting game, you can complete objectives and shoot enemies.

Battle Ops APK 1.4.21
Name Battle Ops
Compatible with Android 4.4+
Last version 1.4.21
Size 309.47 Mb
Category Adventure
Developer Quiet Games Inc
Price Free
Google Play Link

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Download BattleOps APK – Shooting Game

You can play so many enjoyable games available to play for free today. There are a lot of games that will let you have fun with so many interesting shooting games today.

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If you’re a fan of these games, then you can find a lot of classic ones from Call of Duty to battle royale games. But Battle Ops provides a modern take to the classic FPS game where you can enjoy it offline.

This offline military shooter lets you enjoy a Call of Duty like gameplay where you can complete many objectives. In this game from Quiet Games, you’re able to complete many objectives like eliminating enemies, finding guns and more.

You’re able to go to various places where there are different cutscenes and things you’ll do. In this game, there are many scenarios and objectives that you’ll need to complete to finish the game. There are many weapons to use from short range to long range and grenades.

Classic FPS

If you’re someone who loves playing mobile games, then there are many of them to choose from. You can have fun with so many interesting shooting games to play anytime you want. There are also modern ones like battle royale games which gives a twist to the common FPS game that we all love.

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But if you want to go back to the classic FPS game, then you can enjoy Battle Ops. This is a game that lets you enjoy many objectives and game modes to complete. You’re able to play this game offline as well.

In this game, you’re able to enjoy multiple game modes such as the campaign mode. Here, you’ll complete many objectives as you follow the story complete with cutscenes and numerous enemies.

Here, you’ll be tasked to eliminate enemies, pick up objects, destroy items and more. There are many places that you’ll go here as the ultimate soldier. You’ll be able to use two weapons as well as different types of guns to enjoy.

You can also play with your friends offline here such as Team Deathmatch, Free for All and Frontline.

Battle Ops Highlights

If you’re craving for the ultimate shooting game, then Battle Ops is the one. This is a fun game for everyone.

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Enjoyable FPS game – You’re able to play a fun game today anytime you want for free. There are so many interesting games that can provide you with the best time of your life now.

You’re able to download so many games in multiple genres like action, racing, RPG, fighting, and many more. But if you’re into shooting game particularly those that are like Call of Duty, then Battle Ops is for you. In this enjoyable game, you’re able to complete missions and fight enemies.

Before battle royale games came into the scene, classic FPS games like this were the norm. This game is bringing back the nostalgia to everyone where players are enjoying battle royale to the max now. Here, you can enjoy the campaign mode where you’ll complete many missions to finish the game.

You’ll go through numerous challenges as you face different enemies in many places. You’ll be able to move around and complete different objectives to earn XP and money. There are also other game modes to enjoy here.

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Interesting game modes – In Battle Ops, you’re able to enjoy interesting game modes to complete such as the campaign mode. Here, there are many interesting scenes that will take place. Here, you’re able to fight different enemies in various places as you need to complete objectives.

You’ll be able to move around and fight enemies as you go through different challenges. You’ll be able to complete objectives like finding a way through the building, collecting guns, eliminating enemies and more. There’s also an offline PVP mode, Zombie Mode, and other ones to enjoy.

Realistic graphics – This game features one of the best graphics that you can enjoy now. You’re able to move around and fight enemies in 3D as you enjoy the realistic effects that they provide. You’re able to have fun in this game as you can collect so many weapons to use and enjoy different modes.

In this game, you’re able to adjust the graphics according to your device whether you want it to be high or low quality. The cutscenes are perfect as well as you can understand the situation and story more.

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Controls – This game lets you customize your controls completely to how you want it. In here, you’re able to change the locations, sizes and other things that will let you have fun in the game. You’ll need to collect various weapons and use your skills to fight against tons of enemies here.

Download Battle Ops APK – latest version

If you’re someone who loves shooting games, then Battle Ops is the one for you. Complete the story mode and enjoy others.

Download Battle Ops [309.47 Mb]


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