PGSharp APK 1.50.6

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Do you want to catch a lot of Pokémon? Download PGSharp APK now and enjoy the ability to catch Pokémon worldwide! Move freely using a joystick and more.

PGSharp APK 1.50.6
Name PGSharp
Compatible with Android 5.0+
Last version 1.50.6
Size 212 MB
Category Tools
Price Free

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Download PGSharp APK – Pokémon Go

If you play a lot of games, you must have played Pokémon by now. This is a franchise that’s loved by many as it has created so many iconic moments today. The Pokémon series is played by millions today, especially the most iconic one, Pokémon Go.

This game lets players enjoy an interactive experience where they can catch Pokémon in the real world. With PGSharp, you can now catch Pokemon from all over the world without moving.

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This app was developed to solve the problem that most players face today. Since the game lets you catch Pokémon based on your area, people won’t acquire other types of Pokémon unless they go to different places.

PGSharp quickly solves this problem as it offers a joystick where you can move around quickly. You can adjust your walking speed as well, so you can trick the game into thinking that you’re moving!

Catch All the Pokémon

If you want to enjoy a fun game, you can try the Pokémon franchise. The franchise is loved by many as there have been tons of games that were iconic. In these games, you can collect Pokémon that lets you fight others and win matches. One of the most popular Pokémon games is Pokémon Go which features an interactive experience for players.

The game lets you catch Pokémon as you move in the real world! But with this feature comes the problem. Players can’t catch other types of Pokemon without going to different places.

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Since we can’t just go anywhere, we want especially during these times; players can’t catch other types of Pokémon. The game lets you capture rare kinds of Pokemon in unique places, which means that you need to go there to catch them.

But with PGSharp, you can quickly move without physically leaving your location! The app makes the game think that you’re moving when in reality, you’re not. With this, you can quickly go to any place worldwide without any problems.

Feel free to catch as many Pokemon as you want here as you enjoy other features as well.

Highlights of PGSharp

PGSharp solves the problem of not getting enough Pokémon! Catch the best ones today worldwide.

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Get the best Pokémon – There are so many Pokémon games in existence right now. But Pokémon Go drastically changed the landscape when it was introduced back in 2016. It’s now played by millions of people worldwide as you can enjoy an interactive experience with it.

Here, you can catch Pokémon in various places and even battle others. But the game has one serious flaw, which limits players to get unique Pokemon types. With PGSharp, this problem is solved instantly!

The game tracks your movement and location in real-time, allowing you to catch Pokémon in various places. With PGSharp, you can trick the game into thinking you’re in a different place when you’re not moving.

With this app, you can go anywhere in the world so that you can catch as many rare Pokémon today. Here, you’re free to enjoy so many functions like the ability to teleport, save last location, use routes, and many more!

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Move around using a joystick – With PGSharp, you can quickly move around using a joystick. The app lets you move around using a joystick that enables you to do so.

Here, you’re free to move anywhere as you please in any direction today. This is equivalent to walking in the app so that you can go anywhere you want.

Use a map to teleport – If you want to go to another country instantly, you can take advantage of the teleport tool. You can easily find rare Pokémon in various areas using this function!

Now, you can go to Japan, Korea, the U.S.A, and other places to catch all the Pokémon you want today. You can also battle against other trainers worldwide today!

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Adjust your walking speed – You can adjust your walking speed here as you move the joystick. You can make it slower or faster, depending on your selection. With this, you can enjoy moving around from place to place at your own pace.

Save the last location – The app also can save your previous location! This is so you can easily continue your Pokémon hunt from where you left off.

Download PGSharp APK – Unlimited money

Enjoy catching all the Pokémon that you can in PGSharp! Use this tool now and catch the best ones today.

Download PGSharp [212 MB]


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