People Playground APK 2.0

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People Playground APK download allows you to participate in engaging simulation gameplay. It involves shooting, burning, stabbing, and crushing ragdolls.

People Playground APK 2.0
Name People Playground
Compatible with Android 5.0 +
Last version 2.0
Size 2 MB
Category Entertainment
Developer Mizoxat Studio 2019
Price Free

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What You Need to Know about People Playground APK Android

People Playground Mobile App is a lightweight app (approximately 1.9MB) that guarantees optimum fun to casual/simulation games enthusiasts. You will be challenged to play around with ragdolls until you achieve specific goals.

You can burn, crush, shoot, stab, poison, or even vaporize them! Even better, this game offers highly detailed graphics that offer a highly satisfying gaming experience. The sounds of every action will leave you awestricken!

people playground apk android

Additionally, this game has many diverse items that you can use in your escapades with ragdolls, including electric current! As such, every moment will be unique. There is no chance of boredom whatsoever!

A Thrilling Gameplay

People Playground Online is a sandbox game combining action and adventure. It includes exploring the world, collecting numerous rewards along the way, and battling with other players in the game.

The game is pretty easy to play. It starts with your ragdoll character waking up in a randomly generated world. You can customize the ragdoll to your desire. If you are the meticulous type, you can spend hours perfecting your ragdoll.

For example, you can spawn characters & items, drag & drop objects, add textures, and even recreate your real-life appearance. Once the customization part is done, you can head off to explore the world.

Your goal is to survive, mine resources, and discover new locations around the game map. You can then craft items, find allies, and even battle other players. 

As you advance in the game, you will unlock more items. Some of them include explosives, guns, and grenades. You can also unlock additional worlds with unique features, including animals, biomes, events, and other players.

people playground apk download

Additionally, the game has many maps to discover, including player-generated worlds. Some common ones are Abyss, Slanted, Void, Sea, Tower, Snow, Blocks, and Humongous. It's all up to you how you play the game.

Explosive Stuff at Your Disposal

This game has many things that can explode to release destructive power. It includes grenades, dynamites, mines, and mortars.

If you want to outsource your targets, you can employ turrets. These will attack nearby ragdolls. They are pretty effective in keeping your turf safe from strangers!

Packed with Exciting features

This application has several features that make every moment exciting. They include:

  • Many Items to Play Around With. This application has plastic, rubber, wood, and humans at your disposal. You can burn them and watch as they slowly become charcoal black. This activity guarantees maximum satisfaction!
  • Items that Conduct Electricity. This application also has several items that can carry electric currents. You can utilize them in combat or watch how they electrocute your ragdolls! Interestingly, human beings are also very good at it!
  • Different Worlds to Explore. This game app for Android has different worlds with their respective features and challenges to discover. It also allows players to create their custom-made maps using the World Editor.
    people playground apk free
  • Customizing Characters. You are not limited to just playing with ragdolls in this game app. You can also create your character using the Character Editor and install powers in them. For example, you can make them invincible!
  • Many Projectile-Based Weapons. The application has different types of projectile-based weapons such as guns, grenades, and even rockets! You can utilize these to take out your opponents or raze the land! You can use them along with the ragdolls to have some fun!
  • Offers High Replayability. People Playground for Android has different maps that you can explore. There are also plenty of events, challenges, and rewards to discover. Even your custom-made map offers a high degree of challenge because it is unique to you!

Superior Graphics and Sound Systems

This game app has powerful graphics and sound systems. The ragdolls in the game move exactly like their real-life counterparts making it seem so real! You can also hear different sounds when you catch fire or explode, along with good music in the background!

Even better, you have control of every element of this game. You decide what to do and how to play. You can set the rules and even outwit your friends!

Change Gaming Physics

This game allows you to alter the physics through commands. For example, you can disable collision or make your ragdolls weightless.

Additionally, you can use Gorse to shoot poison that hurts humans. This way, you can be sure that you will be 100% in charge of the gameplay.

people's playground game free download apk

People's Playground Game Free Download APK Android

You can download the People Playground APK free of charge.  Here are the steps to follow:

  • Activate Downloads from Unknown Sources. You can activate Unknown Sources on your Android device to install the People's Playground APK file. Just go to Settings > Security >Unknown Sources and toggle this option on beforehand.
  • Download People's Playground Game. Once you have enabled Unknown Sources, all you need to do is download the People's Playground game file to your Android device or tablet. You can get this file by clicking on the download link on any third-party website.
  • Install People's Playground Game for Android. After downloading the APK file, you must install it immediately. You can tap the file's icon and follow the simple installation prompts that appear on your display.

Once the installation is complete, you can launch your People Playground APK free version and start enjoying the gameplay. It also has simple menus that you can understand easily.

Conclusion - People's Playground Free Download New Version APK

This is your ultimate application if you love ragdoll games. It has superior graphics and sound systems for more realistic gameplay. You can challenge your friends or enjoy having fun with ragdolls!

The game allows you to customize your characters and maps to have a very unique experience! You can bring out your creative side by creating your character using the Character Editor. Or you could create a map using the World Editor!

Download People Playground [2 MB]


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