Addatimes APK 5769

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If you want to enjoy Bengali movies and shows, please download Addatimes APK free subscription now! Enjoy unique films, shows, music, sports, and more.

Addatimes APK 5769
Name Addatimes
Compatible with Android 4.3+
Last version 5769
Size 22.99 Mb
Category Entertainment
Developer Addatimes Media Private Limited
Price Free
Google Play Link com.addatimes.Addatimes

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Addatimes APK – Web Series and Movies

The world has been captivated by a lot of streaming apps ever since Netflix became big. Now, we have many choices for streaming platforms, whether you’re looking for international or local streaming platforms.

Today's most popular ones are Hulu, Amazon Prime Video, HBO Max, Netflix, Disney+, and many more. But if you’re a Bengali, you must download Addatimes to enjoy original and unique content today!

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With this app from Addatimes Media Private Limited, you can enjoy the most original content today from India and Bangladesh. Here, you can find many web series like Khyapa, Sufiyana, One Night Stand, Feluda, Virgin Mohito, BC Baal, and many more.

There are also plenty of movies, short films, and live sports to watch in this app. Feel free to stream the most popular football leagues globally like the Calcutta Football League and more. There are all sorts of fantastic movies and shows being added regularly here for you to enjoy.

Bengali Originals

There are so many amazing apps we can enjoy right now that are free to download. If you’re someone who loves to watch, you can enjoy so many movies and shows today with plenty of apps like Hulu, Netflix, Apple+, Disney+, and many more.

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There are so many amazing things you can do with streaming platforms today since you can watch anytime you want and share it with friends. There are so many available international streaming platforms, but if you’re an Indian or a Bengali, Addatimes is your streaming app.

This app is the perfect streaming app to download if you’re an Indian or a Bengali today. Here, you can watch the best movies and shows that were created initially in India and Bangladesh.

There are many fun movies here like Bedroom, Arundhati, Char, Mon mane na, paglu, hero, Chalochitra circus, Byomkesh, and many more. Many amazing shows like Monsoon Melodies, Sufiyana, Khyapa, BC Baal, and more.

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Addatimes not only features movies and shows but also live sports as well. Watch your favorite football teams battle it out live today. Plus, you can enjoy music videos as well!

Addatimes Features

If you’re looking for an all-in-one streaming app to use, Addatimes is the perfect one today!

Have fun streaming – We can have fun with so many fantastic streaming apps right now, allowing us to watch movies and shows. Wherever you are in the world, you can freely watch any video today with the power of the internet.

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You can freely choose what streaming platform to subscribe to, but most of them are worth every penny that you pay for. But if you’re looking for a local streaming platform, then Addatimes is your best bet. This is 100 times better than cable any time of the day!

With this app, you can enjoy Bengali content whenever you want them today. Feel free to enjoy a wide range of movies and shows, from comedy to drama to even horror.

There are categories here such as romance, sci-fi, rom-com, comedy, thriller, drama, and many more. Plus, you can enjoy sports streaming as you can watch your favorite football players and team battle it out. There are also many songs and albums to enjoy right here in the app.

Many movies – When it comes to streaming, Addatimes is ahead of cable subscriptions. This app offers many Bengali films for you to enjoy wherever you are in the world.

addatimes mod apk

You can have fun with many of them today, such as Paglu, Bedroom, Arundhati, Char, Byomkesh, Mon mane na, hero, and many more. There are movies here in different categories to enjoy, such as comedy, romance, drama, action, family, animation, and many more.

Original web series – This app also boasts original web series for you to binge-watch every day. There is plenty of popular Bengali series here like Feluda, Sufiyana, Khyapa, Virgin Mohito, BC Baal, Monsoon Melodies, One Night Stand, and many more.

There is all sort of shows here to enjoy with many episodes to watch daily. Feel free to browse the app’s content and get recommendations today.

Stream sports – With Addatimes, you can also watch sports matches live. Feel free to enjoy football matches from the Calcutta Football League here.

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You can enjoy your favorite teams like East Bengal FC, Mohun Bagan AC, Mohammaden SC, and many more. You’re free to enjoy the best of the best battle out on the field today!

Music – Mohun Bagan AC is a movie streaming app; it also lets you stream music! There are tons of songs, albums, and artists available here in the app today.

Download Addatimes APK

If you enjoy streaming movies, shows, and music, download Mohun Bagan AC now and enjoy.

Download Addatimes [22.99 Mb]


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