PC Creator 2 APK 4.3.0

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Download PC Creator 2 APK if you love computer technology and want to explore the various parts of a computer system. This is a game with more learning tools.

PC Creator 2 APK 4.3.0
Name PC Creator 2
Compatible with Android 5.1+
Last version 4.3.0
Size 193.11 Mb
Category Simulation
Developer CREATY LLC
Price Free
Google Play Link com.ultraandre.pccreator2

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Description of PC Creator 2 APK

Do you love computers? Or do you find its several parts intriguing? PC Creator 2 APK is a great game, more like an application to try out. It has many features that will immerse you in the hardware of a computer system. PC Creator 2 provides useful information to all users about the computer and hardware and even gives them work as computer engineers.

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Players will be immersed in the business and education simulation game, where you will assemble computer parts. You must meet your customers' requirements at all times and note that each customer has different requirements while working with them; hence strive to fulfill your customer needs.

In this game, you will enter as a character who loves computers and the technology world. Firstly you must create your character at the beginning of the game to your choice. Set up your workspace where you can receive customer orders and repair their gadgets. Asides from repairing, you can carry out the installation of software, upgrades and operating system installs, etc.

Note that when you open the game, you will come in as a novice with little knowledge; therefore, you must improve your skills for your customers. The harder you press to develop your skills, the higher your level and the money you earn to build your kind of computer. You will take over the whole computer services and build your career.

PC Creator 2 APK has simple gameplay, and you only have to use your hands to do whatever you need in the game; move characters,  take orders and other. As you play the game, you will get familiar with the features and controls.

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UltraAndre developed this educational game, and Creaty LLC published it with over 100 thousand downloads on google play. Anyone can use this app as it is simple to use and educative. Join the thousands of users worldwide to download this game.

To get the best use of this game, you should consider downloading PC Creator 2 AP APK below.

Detailed Information on PC Creator 2  APK

Th APK is the modified version of the original PC creator 2. This version offers users many benefits, like the unlimited money it offers to build your skills and career. It also offers a free shop for you as a computer enthusiast and engineer. You can't go wrong with the many features it offers.

PC Creator 2  APK latest version has all the features optimized and upgraded for premium benefits for users. You know that purchasing a technology or computer-based career is costly hence, you need enough money to set up and upgrade the work. That's where PC Creator 2  APK comes in, offering unlimited money once you download it. You can get the PC Creator 2 MO APK download as you read further in this article.

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This game is truly a great game to explore everything about computer hardware. So what are you waiting for? Download  PC Creator 2 APK android to explore these features.

Unique Features of PC Creator 2 APK

Below are the amazing features PC Creator 2 APK offers players;

Easy-to-use interface

This is one of the interesting features players will enjoy in this game. PC Creator 2 APK is easy to use and simple to navigate. Its game controls are understandable, and players can easily find their way around playing it.

Build Several Computers

One of the many work you will do in this game is to build computers aside from repairs. PC Creator 2 provides guidelines to build your kind of computer at a level in the game. All you need to do is choose the computer parts in the free shop offered by PC Creator 2 APK and follow the steps provided.

You don't need a board, cable or other ambiguous parts; you only need to select the components, follow the steps and install an operating system to the computer. The free store has antivirus software you can install on the computer.

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Play with friends

To ensure this game is not boring to players, the developers made the multiplayer game. Players can exchange hardware with other players. Also, there is a technology battle player can engage in every week. It is more like a clan of sword fighting. This feature ensures players enjoy the gameplay.

Beautiful graphics

PC Creator 2 has beautiful graphics that feel authentic. You cannot get disappointed with the graphics.

Great Online Community

PC Creator 2 players worldwide can interact with themselves with this community. Players can participate in events where they introduce new hardware or products and also meet to discuss many technological innovations.

Over 3000 items for Crafting Orders

This is the updated feature of PC Creator 2 APK, and this game has different computer parts players can explore and all of these parts you can access them to create your computer. This is super interesting as you can showcase your knowledge and creativity.

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No doubt, PC Creator 2 APK is a must-have game if you want to develop your computer knowledge. This game has many features to offer. You can't go wrong playing this game. We have provided PC Creator 2 APK free download below. Join thousands of players to download and explore this game.

Download PC Creator 2 [193.11 Mb]


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