Paint the Town Red APK 2.0

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If you love fighting games, then Paint the Town Red APK is for you. This is a first-person violent game that lets you fight with others using many objects.

Paint the Town Red APK 2.0
Name Paint the Town Red
Compatible with Android 4.0.3+
Last version 2.0
Size 1 MB
Category Arcade
Developer Battlegrounds Survival
Price Free

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Download Paint the Town Red APK – Fighting Game

There are a lot of games today that we can play and enjoy on our smartphones. The fighting genre is filled with many excellent games that we can enjoy playing for free.

If you’re someone who loves fighting games, then you can certainly download so many games today including Paint the Town Red. This is a fighting game with no real objectives other than to fight everyone.

We’re seeing so many incredible games that are becoming more and more advanced today. We’re able to play with a lot of games now that are available thanks to the internet.

paint the town red apk download

With Paint the Town Red, you can enjoy a fighting game that doesn’t get more violent than this. Here, you can pick up just about anything and use it as a weapon. You can start a bar fight and enjoy an endless fun full of fighting and violence. There are a lot of things you can try out here!

Fun at the Bar

There are a lot of fun games today which we can play and enjoy on our smartphones. In the fighting genre, you’ll find a lot of incredible games that are available to enjoy.

We’re seeing so many amazing games now and the best thing of all is that they’re free. If you’re into fighting, then there are many fighting games which features heartfelt stories and incredible graphics. But Paint the Town Red is a different one as it features all the violence that you can think of.

This is a game that’s classic and doesn’t need any stories to go along with it. Here, you don’t need any reason to start a fight as you can just do it and it will trigger everyone to start fighting for no reason.

paint the town red apk for android

The game lets you pick up stools, tables, clubs, beers and many more objects that you can use to throw at people. The more people you fight with, the more blood will spew out hence the name of the game. This is a fun game since you can experience what it’s like to fight everyone.

Paint the Town Red Highlights

Violence is never the answer but in Paint the Town Red, it might just be. Experience a different type of fighting game now.

Start a fight – We’re able to find so many games that we can enjoy playing in the fighting genre. A lot of people enjoy fighting games because that’s where they can unleash their rage and skills.

While there are fun fighting games that do have stories, there are some that don’t have any stories. You can then enjoy the chaotic violence that will ensue in those games. One of the best games to download is Paint the Town Red.

This game doesn’t request you to complete any objectives or follow a story. It’s a classic game which you can enjoy since you can fight literally everyone you see! You’ll start at the bar where you can pick up any object around you to use as a weapon.

paint the town red apk android

It can be a stool a table a club or even your bare fists as long as you can paint the town red. After you fight with everyone, you can head on to the next location and do the same.

Pick up objects – In this game, you can enjoy fighting at its purest form because the game isn’t stained by a story. There’s no reason to fight here as you can just do it anytime you want. Here, you can pick up various objects to use as a weapon like tables, chairs, clubs, bottles and more.

There are countless objects for you to use as this is like a John Wick movie you can enjoy. But aside from weapons, you can also use your powers that you can unlock. This includes Shockwave, Berserk and Smite.

Incredible animation – In Paint the Town Red, you can have fun as the animation is smooth and realistic. The game is like Roblox in that the characters have blocky characteristics. Here, blood will come out as you punch and fight with others and it will continue to spew out resulting in a red environment.

paint the town red apk

The game is one where you can enjoy nonsense fun whenever you want. There are no shortages of opponents and weapons to use here! You can go to different parts of the town to wreak havoc.

Easy controls – The controls are easy as there are different buttons for you to use. You can pick up objects, move around and use your powers in the game. It’s in 3D and in first-person so it will feel like you’re part of an action movie. Overall, this is a fun game to play as it’s free.

Download Paint the Town Red APK – Latest version

Do you want to start a bar fight for no reason? Use your bare fists and fight everyone in Paint the Town Red.

Download Paint the Town Red [1 MB]
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