Offroad Outlaws Mod APK 6.6.8 (MOD, Unlimited Money)

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Download Offroad Outlaws MOD APK – to experience the rush of racing around in swamps, deserts, mountains and more with your dream rig.

Offroad Outlaws Mod APK 6.6.8 (MOD, Unlimited Money)
Name Offroad Outlaws
Compatible with Android 4.1+
Last version 6.6.8
Size 416.20 Mb
Category Racing
Developer Battle Creek Games
Price Free
Google Play Link com.battlecreek.offroadoutlaws

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There’s racing, and then there’s offroad racing. The latter is a much more interesting sport thanks to the gritty elements that drivers are forced to overcome before they reach the finish line. Offroad Outlaws for Android takes these elements – mud, water, rock – and throws them right in your face to try and slow you down.


Throughout the game, you’ll get to drive a massive variety of off-road vehicles, including jeeps, trucks, monster trucks, dune buggies – and you’ll even get to control drones. The game is a mash-fest of awesome off-road power and excitement.

The game’s developers, Battle Creek Games, aren’t well-known in the industry. This is their second release – the other being a drag racing game. It’s clear that they’re on a path to become a well-known racing game developer, however, as Offroad Outlaws has more than 5 million reviews on the Google Play Store.

Taking it off-road

Traditional racing games have their spot in our hearts, but off-road racing is just more exciting by nature. It’s a more extreme sport and players will feel this reflected in the gameplay. There are a variety of great features that make this game a true jewel for fans of off-road adventure.


Attention to detail. You can customize your rig any way you want, including some very detailed additions that ‘truck people’ will love. You can throw an I-Beam setup on the front of your rig, and a solid axle on the back, customize the paint job and tow something off the rear. Do whatever you want – change the suspension, stiffness, acceleration, and much more. Make yours the ultimate off-road rig and rise up the ranks as a true outback champion.

Multiple modes. Challenge yourself across dangerous rocky formations, or put the pedal to the metal over flat sands to crank it to top speed. There’s a wide variety of maps to choose from that all require a different approach. Some are swampy and you’ll risk getting bogged down in the mud, others are rocky and will require patience and slow speeds to master. If you need some practice, then you can always head over to the Stunt Park and practice a few flips and jumps for fun.


Take it online. Want to explore the vast maps in the game with a little company? Get your friends involved as you rally around the outback and press through swamps and dunes. There’s nothing like getting your friends involved in the race and taking it to the next level together. Offroad Outlaws allows you to do local multiplayer games or find people from around the world to compete against. Drive up mountains, over sand dunes, through gushing rivers, and into muddy swamps with friends now!

Make your own maps. Not only can you enjoy riding through the in-game maps, you can also make your own with the map editor! This is a great feature that allows you to own the game in any way you please. Make a swarm of rivers through a mountain range that leads into a swamp. Build whatever you want – the freedom is totally in your hands! This feature of the game will be loved by the many and hated by the few. It’s a great addition to an already well fleshed-out game that really adds allows players to add their own personal touch. Get involved.


Offroad Outlaws MOD APK - New update

Want to play the game with unlimited money so that you can buy anything in the game and make the rig of your dreams come true? There’s nothing to lose with this awesome and addictive off-road driving game. If you’re into the outdoors, vehicles, and taking on a challenge, the download it now.

Download Offroad Outlaws [416.20 Mb]


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