MT Manager APK 2.10.0

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You can enjoy quite a lot of apps nowadays. With MT Manager APK - Pro unlocked, you can easily manage and edit any APK file! Enjoy modifying apps, editing text, and so on.

MT Manager APK 2.10.0
Name MT Manager
Compatible with Android 4.2+
Last version 2.10.0
Size 9.81 MB
Category Tools
Developer Lin Jin Bin
Price Free

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MT Manager APK – File Manager App

You’re able to enjoy so many apps today for free from the Google Play Store. With so many apps available, we’re able to do so many things for work, school, and at home.

There are various apps available like games, maps, utility, resources, and much more open. But there are also unique apps that will let you edit other apps like MT Manager! This app enables you to edit your phone to the max today!

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This app lets you modify and customize any app that you have on your Android phone. With MT Manager, you can easily open the ZIP file, delete, rename, move, add, replace files, and more. Then you can also change the app logo, text, sounds, photos, videos, app limitations, etc.

You can access many powerful app editing tools like arsc editor, xml editor, dex editor, and many more here. You’ll be able to edit any app today freely!

Edit Apps Easily

You’re able to enjoy so many great apps that are free to download right now. If you’re someone who loves to download apps, then there are many free ones available on Google Play Store.

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Many available apps like TED, Pinterest, Adobe Lightroom, Sketchbook, Wattpad, Airbnb, Cookpad, and many more. You’ll find all sorts of apps for different uses right now for your phone. But if you want to edit apps quickly, you’ll need to download MT Manager, a free app!

With this app, you’re able to customize and edit just about any app today on Android. Here, you can give root privilege to the app so it can access your system directory, and you’re able to make any app changes.

You’re free to edit any app’s texts, pictures, music player, font, and many more. You’re able to change the text contrast and other functions like background, bookmark, and many more. With this app, you’ll be able to customize any app to your liking.

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You can even change the app’s limitations so you can access its free features without paying.

MT Manager Features

There are so many amazing apps today available, like MT Manager. You can use this app to do these fantastic things.

Edit any app – We’re living in a world today where we can enjoy so many apps to download and use. There are different types of apps available right now for us to download freely. Games, music players, streaming apps, education apps, shopping, simulation, and more.

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But above all these apps, you can enjoy editing a lot of other apps using MT Manager! This app was designed to give you ultimate control so you can customize any app today.

With this app, you’re able to edit just about any app today, thanks to a lot of tools available here. There’s a file management system here where you can delete, move, and copy files easily. Here, you can access the system directory and enjoy remounting the file system as read-write.

Then, you can also open any ZIP file similar to WinRAR, where you can decompress files, add/replace external files, and so on. Then, you can also enjoy powerful editing tools that will let you customize any app.

File management – With MT Manager, you’re able to enjoy managing any files today.

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Here, you can move, copy and delete files as you give root privilege to the app. You can then manage any files on your phone as quickly as you modify them and enjoy them more.

Text editor, picture viewer, and more – The app also lets you enjoy various tools like text editor, picture viewer, script executer, font previewer, text contrast, etc. The app enables you to change just about anything you can on an app.

You can personalize any app to your style, color scheme, and theme that you want today. There’s no need to learn how to code as the app lets you easily edit apps with these functions available.

Editing features - MT Manager also features powerful tools like xml editor, arsc editor, dex editor, and many more.

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You can clone apps, optimize, remove signature verification, and many more. You’re also free to remove any limitations on the accessible version of any app so you can enjoy all of its features instantly!

Download MT Manager APK

With MT Manager, you can edit and modify just about any app today. Enjoy a fun way to edit apps now.

Download MT Manager [9.81 MB]


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