Light Years Apart APK 1.2.8

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Download Light Years Apart APK – Latest version – Fre for Android if you want to enter a world of fantasy with real choices! Can you save your home planet?

Light Years Apart APK 1.2.8
Name Light Years Apart
Compatible with Android 4.1+
Last version 1.2.8
Size 6.48 Mb
Category Role Playing
Developer Choice of Games LLC
Price Free
Google Play Link com.choiceofgames.lightyearsapart

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Role-playing games aren’t new. But they aren’t also a common mobile game for most. But that’s because people are used to the common action, arcade and other types of mobile games that are called role-playing. But in this article, we’re going to talk about a different kind of role-playing game – a novel adventure one.


Have you ever read a novel and questioned some of the choices that the characters made? If so, then you’re in for a ride! Light Years Apart is a role-playing game developed by Choice of Games. It’s a relatively new game that allows you to be the star of your own novel. This game is so unique that it doesn’t contain any graphics or music at all. Read on if you’re curious!

What is Light Years Apart?

Think back to a time where you were so engrossed in reading a book only to be disappointed by the outcome. It doesn’t sit well with you, right? But that’s the limitations of books, you can’t choose what to do. You don’t have a say in the choices that the characters make because that’s how the story was created.


But what if you have a say in a story? What will you choose? Light Years Apart is a role-playing game that allows you to do just this! In this game, you and your sister need to outsmart a galaxy-spinning AI to save your home planet! In this novel game, there are a lot of elements present: spies, pirates and snarky computers. The good thing is you can choose your actions which will have a direct impact to the story. Read on to learn more!

Features of Light Years Apart

Light Years Apart is a role-playing game that has 230,000 words. It’s an interactive novel that lets you choose the actions which will have direct impact on the story. Here are its features:


Unique gameplay – Often times when we think about mobile games, the first things that come to mind are vivid, 3D and exhilarating gameplays. But that’s not always the case. There are some games such as Light Years Apart that takes advantage of an interactive sci-fi novel to entertain you. Light Years Apart is a 230,000-word interactive novel by Anaea Lay. In here, you can control the outcome of the story because you can choose the actions. Your character has some interesting backstory that will captivate you and will influence how you view the world. But overall, Light Years Apart is a unique game that is one of a kind.

Choose your gender – You can also choose your gender in Light Years Apart. You can play as a male, female, or non-binary. When you’re a non-binary, you can be gay, straight, bi, poly or asexual. Whatever your gender is, you can choose how to story will turn out in Light Years Apart!

Swap stories – You can also swap stories and strategies with your secret agent peers in Light Years Apart! This will make the gameplay so interesting.


No graphics and music – Since Light Years Apart is an interactive novel, it doesn’t make sense to have graphics and music in it. But even though there are none, the game does a great job of entertaining you more than a book would! In fact, you would enjoy this the most if you’re a book lover!

Tons of adventure – Since Light Years Apart has 230,000 words, this means that there are lots of choices to make. There are tons of adventure that will have multiple outcomes. Only you have the power to choose!

Light Years Apart APK – Unlocked, no ads

Light Years Apart is an interactive novel that allows you to make your own choices! Download the latest version now to enjoy!

Download Light Years Apart [6.48 Mb]


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