KineMaster Gold Mod APK 4.16.5 (No watermark)

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Download Kinemaster Gold Mod APK – Latest version – Free for Android if you want to create stunning and professional videos effortlessly using an app! Create and share now!

KineMaster Gold Mod APK 4.16.5 (No watermark)
Name KineMaster Gold
Compatible with Android 5.0+
Last version 4.16.5
Size 25 MB
MOD No watermark
Category Video Players & Editors
Price Free
MOD Features +

The world is quickly shifting to digital technologies as time goes on. Because of this, the rise of social media sites, apps and more advanced devices have emerged. At this point, we can no longer imagine a life without these technological advances. And in our every day lives, we watch and create videos more frequently than in the past 10 years.


Because of the demand for new content every day, we have also increased the demand for video editing apps. Since most people have smartphones today rather than computers, it makes sense to utilize a video editing app. Kinemaster Gold is one of the best and the most popular video editing apps worldwide! With a variety of features such as multiple layers, advanced tools, and sharing – this app is for beginners and advanced users alike! Take note that this version is different from the basic one which has limitations! In here, nothing is limited to achieve maximum creativity!

A Video Editing App for All

Nowadays, we easily watch tons of videos of all forms from social media site videos to movies and shows! And at the rate that we’re going, we’re going to consume more in the future. Now what does this imply exactly? This means that a lot of brands and businesses are shifting to the digital space which means that there is more demand for video editing apps.

There are so many videos today that we don’t even notice the video editing process anymore. Why? Because video editing has become more accessible and more effortless for the past years. Thanks to apps such as Kinemaster Gold, even beginners can start creating content instantly! Whether you use this for personal or business purposes, this app is all that you need for your video editing needs!


In here, you will get the new golden theme, instant previews, tons of 3D transitions, add custom music, access basic and advanced tools, no watermark, combine two clips, high-quality exports and many more! There are just too many things to access and love in this premium video editing app. Aside from all that, the new interface and cleaner look gives this app the advantage over any other video editing tool!

What’s even more amazing is that you don’t need to have a lot of technical expertise to figure out how to use this app. A simple tinkering and some tutorials will already get you up to speed on all the advanced features in here. Most importantly, you can create advanced videos in here that require meticulous editing effortlessly! Now, you don’t need to pay a video editor ridiculous fees when you can edit your videos yourself!

Features of Kinemaster Gold

Kinemaster Gold is simply an amazing and easy-to-use video editing app! It packs a lot of features that will put others to shame. Here are its features:

Advanced tools – When we create videos, we are limited by the features of the video editing software/app that we use. This is why not all videos are created equally. But in Kinemaster Gold, that all changes! Here, you can access a lot of advanced features such as adjusting the speed, change the color schemes, increase the sound, animation texts, add blur effects, and many more! Now, you don’t need to use the computer or hire a video editor just to edit your videos. Whether you create videos for personal or business purposes, this app will solve all your problems easily!


Effects – What makes videos so exciting? Is it the content or the way it is edited? What about both? In Kinemaster Gold, you can access tons of 2D and 3D transition effects! If you didn’t know, transition effects make 2 separate clips seamlessly flow together. And in this app, you won’t just use basic transitions that will look amateurish. Instead, you can access a wide range of different transitions with effects that look professional. You don’t even need to do much to achieve your desired result, you just need to apply the transitions to your videos!

Audio tools – Another thing that really makes or breaks a video is the audio quality. In this app, you can increase the sound of the audio to make it more appealing! This will allow you to avoid awkward post production flaws that will embarrass you in front of your followers. Aside from that, you can add any background audio you want since the app allows it. Provide your custom voice overs, sound, and music right in this app!

Multiple layers – Most video editing apps today cut corners by only featuring a single layer. While this is already fine for some, it hinders others from creating advanced content. Content creators need multiple layers to add more depth to their videos. Kinemaster Gold understands this which is why it offers multiple layers for your use! You can add music, video and other effects using the layers to create more professionally stunning videos.

Basic tools – If there are advanced tools, there are also basic tools in here! This include the cut, trim, add, import, export, and share button! Here, you can easily create short videos for your daily uploads. Whatever it is you need, you don’t need to create it in other third-party apps!


Instant preview – Another incredible feature that this app offers is the ability to instantly preview your edited videos! This will allow you to see if there are no flaws or if it needs more editing. This is a feature that’s only available to video editing software back then. But now, it’s all over this one!

Quality – In here, you can also choose the quality to which you want your video to be exported such as 480p, 720p, 1080p, 2k, 4k and more! This will allow you to select the best video quality for your needs. Of course, the higher the quality, the higher the size – so choose carefully.

Download Kinemaster Gold Mod APK – Latest version

Kinemaster Gold is an awesome and easy-to-use video editing app for everyone! If you believe that you're already a professional in video editing, feel free to check out the KineMaster Pro version here and unleash your creativity! Download the latest version to edit videos now!

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Why Kinemaster Gold? +

This app is the modded version of the original with the same name! This is the perfect alternative for you if you don’t want to pay for the premium features of the original app.

Does it support 4k editing? +

Yes, you have the option to edit and export your videos in 4k here!

Does it remove the watermark? +

Of course! If you download this app, you can now export videos without the dreaded Kinemaster logo next to it.

Download KineMaster Gold [25 MB]
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