Kidnapped A Royal Birthday APK 1.3

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Download Kidnapped A Royal Birthday APK – Latest version – Free for Android if you want to play a game kidnapped as a royal! Escape now and partake in plenty of adventures!

Kidnapped A Royal Birthday APK 1.3
Name Kidnapped A Royal Birthday
Compatible with Android 4.4+
Last version 1.3
Size 4.38 Mb
Category Role Playing
Developer Choice of Games LLC
Price Free
Google Play Link com.choiceofgames.kidnapped

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Humans have always loved to read novels. Even in 21st century where we’re there are videos everywhere and eBooks are a thing – novels aren’t going anywhere anytime soon! For this reason, some developers have thought of a solution to keep the tradition of novel-reading interesting and suitable for young people.


Choice of Games recently released a game called Kidnapped! A Royal Birthday. For those that don’t know, this game is entirely text-based! It features 158,000 words written by Charles Battersby that has been turned into an interactive novel. In this game, there are bad people who’ve locked you up in a jail somewhere. They did this because you’re a king and they want to take over the kingdom. It’s up to and your comrades to escape!

A Daring Escape

People love to read novels back then. It’s still alive today but it’s slowly being taken over be the internet because of social media sites. Because of that, developers are thinking of unique ways to inject novels in mobile games!


Kidnapped! A Royal Birthday is one such game which has 158,000 words written by Charles Battersby. This is an interactive comedy where you have choices you need to make that will allow you to see different scenarios. In here, you’ve been taken captive by some conspirators who are plotting to take over the throne. It’s up to you and some well-diverse comrades of yours to get out and re-take the kingdom. In here, you can choose your gender as well as get into different adventures. Can you survive and take back your kingdom?

Features of Kidnapped A Royal Birthday

Kidnapped! A Royal Birthday is an interesting interactive novel game in which you need to escape a tower in which you were imprisoned! Here, there are a lot of choices to make. Here are its features:

158,000-word comedy novel – Back when mobile games weren’t a thing, novels existed to only be read by people. But now, it has made its way to mobile gaming in the form of interactive games! It sounds strange for beginners but Kidnapped! A Royal Birthday is a game just like that! This is a game that’s purely text based without any graphics and sounds. Thinks of this game as reading a novel but you can choose what happens next! And there are a lot of adventures in this 158,000-word game! Feed off of your imagination and play a fun game!


Cast of characters – What makes this game so fun is because of its colorful cast of characters. In here, you’re greeted with a wonderful crew to save you. In here, you will be rescued by a cursed enchantress, a brave knight, a peasant and an amazon. Even if they seem clumsy and disorganized at times, this party is ready to protect you and rescue you from harm’s way. But the journey’s not going to be easy! Be prepared to face off against vampires, giants and more! Are you brave enough to stand against them all?

Choose your gender – Of course, this game wouldn’t be complete without you choosing your own gender. Although you can’t see yourself in here, you can choose whether you’re a male, female, or others. It’s a nice touch to a game that allows you to choose your own story!


Interface – Kidnapped! A Royal Birthday provides a friendly and minimal interface that allows you to read comfortably! In here, you can easily go to the next page and even change your background!

Disguise – There are so many disguises to try in here! Hide in plain sight to escape your capturers!

Kidnapped A Royal Birthday APK – Show stats: All 80%

Kidnapped! A Royal Birthday is an interesting interactive game for everyone! Download the latest version now.

Download Kidnapped A Royal Birthday [4.38 Mb]


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