Judgment Day APK 1.6.6

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If you want to become an angel, in Judgment Day, you’ll become the angel of God. Here, you’ll judge each person based on their deeds. Can you, do it?

Judgment Day APK 1.6.6
Name Judgment Day
Compatible with Android 4.4+
Last version 1.6.6
Size 171.29 Mb
Category Simulation
Developer Matchingham Games
Price Free
Google Play Link com.matchingham.judgementday

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There’s nothing that can deny that we will all die someday. Some die early while some die at old age when they’ve lived for a full lifetime. There have been many people who died but if you believe in God, they either when to Heaven or Hell. In the game Judgment Day, you’ll become God’s angel who will decide the fate of many people who died. Here, you’ll meet popular real-life people such as Hitler, Ghandi, and many more.

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There are many action games available today, but this one is a unique one that you can play. Published by Matchingham Games, here, you’ll decide where the dead people will go. There are only two choices here which is Heaven and Hell, and you’ll rate them based on their deeds on Earth. Here, you’ll be able to see what they did so you can decide if it’s a good or a bad deed. There are many levels and plenty of people that you’ll judge here today.

Judge the Dead

There are so many people in the world today and there are a lot of people dying each day. Although there are various causes of death, all of us will die someday so it’s important to do good deeds while we’re here. So, if you believe in God, then you know that there are only 2 possible place you’ll go to when you die. You can either go to Heaven or Hell where there’s eternal punishment. In the game Judgment Day, you’ll be the judge!

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In every level here, you’ll face someone who has died and you’ll need to judge them based on their deeds. Their deeds will be posted on the screen and you’ll decide if the deed is good or bad. At the end, they’ll have a score which will determine if they go to Heaven or Hell. There are plenty of famous characters and normal citizens in this game. You’ll also laugh at some of the misdeeds here as the game tries to entertain you.

There are also plenty of angel skills that you can unlock and mini games to enjoy. Here, you can burn one and save one so you’ll need to choose wisely.

Judgment Day Features

There are many people you’ll be able to judge in Judgment Day! Here, you’ll decide where the people who died will go in the afterlife.

Judge the souls – As humans, we will all die someday. There are so many things that we’ll go through before that happens and we’ll be able to meet with many people as well. But whatever you do, we’ll all be judged someday when we die so we can either go to Hell or Heaven. In the game Judgment Day, you’ll be the one to be the judge as an angel of God! Here, you’ll meet many famous people as well as ordinary citizens.

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In this game, you’ll need to judge people based on their deeds. Here, you’ll decide correctly whether each deed they’ve done are good or evil. There are a lot of funny and serious deeds such as someone who’s given spoilers all the time, starting a diet every time, walks slowly on a bus and many more. Here, you’ll need to decide whether a deed is good or not by swiping left or right.

Rate their deeds – As Christians, we know that we’ll all be judged by what we did on Earth when we die. In this game, you’ll be able to judge people based on the things they did when they were still alive. There are plenty of people and deeds that you’ll be able to rate here today. There are deeds such as behaving too comfortably in someone else’s home, walking in the bike path, and many more. In this game, you’ll need to decide if the deed is good or evil correctly so you can advance in levels.

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Plenty of levels – There are many levels available in here today. In each level, you’ll face a unique individual that you must judge. Depending on the level, you may meet a famous person or a regular citizen. Here, there are famous people like Billie Eilish, Hitler, Mahatma Gandhi, Pablo Escobar and many more! This is like a parody game where you can enjoy judging different people known all over the world today.

Enjoyable Mini-games – Aside from that, you’ll also enjoy the other levels here such as “Burn One, Save One”. Here, you’ll need to decide which person goes to heaven or hell! Then, there are other games like matching the souls and bodies in here.

Download Judgment Day APK – Latest version

If you enjoy judging, download Judgment Day now. Become the judge today by deciding where the people will go in the afterlife.

Download Judgment Day [171.29 Mb]


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