Insect Evolution APK 1.10.2

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If you love insects, try playing Insect Evolution APK today! In this game, you’ll start as an ant, and you can eat others to grow. Evolve as many times as to go home.

Insect Evolution APK 1.10.2
Name Insect Evolution
Compatible with Android 5.0+
Last version 1.10.2
Size 61.09 Mb
Category Casual
Developer Infinite light years
Price Free
Google Play Link com.ily.insect.evolution

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Download Insect Evolution APK – Evolve by Eating

Many players love the casual genre in mobile games. We enjoy so many games today, for they allow us to do anything they want. If you’re someone who loves casual games, then you can find some of the best ones right now that you can play.

There are so many fun games to enjoy, and you’ll be able to play so much today. But with Insect Evolution, you’ll play as a tiny ant that’s lost in the desert today.

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Here, you’ll be able to enjoy a game from Infinite Light Years, where you’re an ant in a desert. Here, it would help if you found your way back home, but the desert is full of dangerous animals that are lurking.

You must need to pass all the levels today where you can eat smaller insects. You’ll need to avoid insects with higher levels than you so that you won’t get out of the game. Here, you can grow as you please by eating other insects.

Eat Insects in Insect Evolution

There are so many amazing insect-related games on Google Play Store today. These are casual games that you can enjoy anytime and anywhere since they’re not too hard to play.

insect evolution apk

We can have fun with casual games since they allow us to focus on simple things and enjoy them well. In gaming, you can play with so many amazing games today, but Insect Evolution is one of the best. Here, you can eat other insects as you find your way back home.

Here, you’ll have plenty of a fantastic time playing as you’re a lost ant where you can go back home. You’ll need to eat plenty of other insects to grow and level up today. There are many levels available here, and you must eat others to grow.

Here, you’ll start as an ant, and you can slowly grow into different insects like spiders, beetles, praying mantis, scorpions, and many more. But be careful not to eat insects that are higher level than you so you won’t get eaten!

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This is a game that will test your eating skills!

Capabilities of Insect Evolution

In Insect Evolution, you’ll be able to have fun eating other insects to grow! Find your way back home today.

Eat or be eaten – There are so many enjoyable casual games that you can have fun and play with today. If you’re someone who enjoys plenty of games today, then you can have fun with simple games.

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This genre boasts a lot of simple yet enjoyable ones that you can play anytime you want. They’re not big, and players don’t need to focus too much when playing. With Insect Evolution, you can have eating other insects today.

Here, you’ll need to be able to eat other insects to level up. You’re a lost ant, and you’ll need to level up to find your way home today. But be careful as tons of powerful insects will gobble you if you’re not careful.

This game tests your evading and eating skills as you grow at the top of the food chain. Here, you’ll encounter many insects today, and you can enjoy the smooth animations.

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Eat insects to level up – Here, you can eat insects to level up. You’ll need to eat insects if you want to go home today. You’ll start as a tiny ant as a level 1, and you’ll be able to level up as you eat more insects slowly. Here, you’ll encounter many insects like a beetle, spider, grasshopper, and many more!

You’ll be able to grow and change your appearance once you eat more insects in this game. But be careful as there are plenty of other more robust insects here that will eat you as well. You need to avoid more robust insects if you want to live.

Many levels – In Insect Evolution, you’ll be able to play in many levels right now. There are so many enjoyable levels to play here, and each one lets you play in various locations and with plenty of insects to eat.

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Enjoyable graphics - Insect Evolution presents one of the most realistic graphics that you can enjoy right now. There are many lovely things you can enjoy and have fun with here.

Download Insect Evolution APK

In Insect Evolution, you’ll be able to enjoy a game where you can eat other insects to grow!

Download Insect Evolution [61.09 Mb]


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