Idle Ants APK 4.8.2

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Download Idle Ants APK Latest Version free for Android. Command and grow up your own colony of ants in this fun and addicting simulator game.

Idle Ants APK 4.8.2
Name Idle Ants
Compatible with Android 6.0+
Last version 4.8.2
Size 177.64 Mb
Category Arcade
Developer Madbox
Price Free
Google Play Link

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TO be honest, ants are a lot more powerful and competent than most of us would think. Just because humans are the apex of the animal kingdom, doesn’t mean we should undermine any other creature. Idle ants will let you understand just how strong ants can be when they work together to accomplish a goal.


Don’t worry, your picnic is safe with these little critters. Everything is done on your Android mobile device. So, your food is completely off limits. We know how annoying it could be for a swarm of ants to come and devour all of your food.

Idle Ants Features

There are a few features of the Idle Ants game that let you understand just how important and intelligent these bugs are in the real world. This simulator will give you a newfound appreciation for the insects.

  • Grow and upgrade your entire colony of ants in the blink of an eye.
  • Speed up the process of your workers and watch how quickly they can develop and accomplish their tasks.
  • Max them out and fully understand the power of these tiny insects!


The graphics in Idle ants are pretty basic. The game is about ants doing what they do best, so how realistic or high quality could the graphics really be? Everything is in 3D with a decent art style to represent the basic life of an ant colony. Nothing is too realistic and everything seems to have a good enough quality to hold its own.


All in all, the graphics are decent enough for anyone to enjoy the game. It’s nothing to write home about. But then again, it’s a game about ants. You aren’t really going to be bragging to your friends about how you just grew your colony and conquered other insects.

Idle Ants APK

In the end, you can choose to download the Idle Ants APK Latest Version free for Android as well. This version doesn’t really hold too much of a difference compared to the original version. Although, a APK is always better than a traditional Google Play download.


This is because, you will save mobile data and storage with the file type. Additionally, the installation would be a little bit faster, though not too noticeable.

So, go ahead and star raising your colony of little insects in the Idle Ants APK download for Android now. And afterwards, go ahead and download other games of the same genre and have a ton of fun enjoying our variety.

Download Idle Ants [177.64 Mb]


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