ID Please - Club Simulation APK 1.5.44

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Download ID Please - Club Simulation APK - latest version - for Android and take control of the city’s hottest club.

ID Please - Club Simulation APK 1.5.44
Name ID Please - Club Simulation
Compatible with Android 4.4+
Last version 1.5.44
Size 95.69 Mb
Category Simulation
Developer Lion Studios
Price Free
Google Play Link com.NeverEndingGames.IdPlease

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ID Please - Club Simulation is the fun new game from Lion Studios where you take on the role of bouncer and top doorman. Download the APK for Android today and become the person in control of who gets in, and who gets kicked out. Being in charge of one of the city’s hottest clubs is no easy task - there are a lot of challenges awaiting you.

This game might remind you a little of the hit classic Papers Please, but rather than letting people through passport control, it’s your job to judge who’s allowed to get into the club. You have to make judgements based on their age, appearance, and whether or not you think they are suitable for the club environment.


The life of a doorman isn’t an easy one. Sometimes it’s easy to tell when someone is not dressed appropriately, or maybe they’ve had a little too much to drink - however, sometimes it’s much harder to know who’s allowed in. Careful, you’ll be judged on how well you judge the patrons as they turn up at the door. Let in too many who shouldn’t be allowed and you’ll receive a poor rating.

ID Please - Club Simulation is a fun and easy game to download for your Android. There’s unique music, character progression, and lots of cute and quirky characters you’ll encounter along the way. Learning to become a doorman is an addictive task, and it’s a great feeling to have the power in your hands! No more getting turned away from the exclusive’re in charge.

How to Play ID Please - Club Simulation

If you’ve never heard of the game Papers Please, ID Please might seem like a brand new idea. Even so, the game is simple. You are the head bouncer at one of the most exclusive clubs in town - all sorts of people are looking to get in and have fun. Although it would be easy to just turn everyone away, or let everyone in, the owner of the club hands you a very specific list of instructions. Follow the instructions or you’ll find yourself out of a job!


Different Rules, Different Days

No two days are the same when you’re working at this fancy club. There might be an under-21s night some days, a day for formal events where there are no trainers allowed, and the owner might not want anyone dressed in red. There’s no way to know what your instructions will be and it’s your job to keep your eyes peeled for infringements. Let in anyone over the age of 21, let’s say, and you’ll be in a lot of trouble with the boss.

Level Up Your Bouncer Skills

Becoming a successful bouncer comes with its own benefits. You’ll get a nicer suit, better points on your own Bouncer ID, and even get bigger and bigger. Make sure the power doesn’t go to your head and everything should be okay! ID Please is all about learning how to stay humble and keep entrance into the club nice and fair.


More than just checking IDs

While being a bouncer in ID Please is all about checking IDs, there are a few more problems you’ll need to tackle along the way. Some customers will try to offer bribes - be careful, sometimes it’s worth it to take the bribe, and sometimes it’s a terrible idea! You might also have to stop some patrons from starting fights in the queue. Leave it too long and you’ll have a full on brawl going on in the queue, really not a great look for one of the most exclusive clubs in town. Work your bouncer magic and everything should be okay!

New updates promise more content

As the game studio which brought you popular games like Mr. Bullet and Happy Glass, there’s a lot of promise on the horizon for ID Please. The devs have promised lots of new content updates on the way, adding new content to enjoy while you sort out the rabble from your much-needed club customers.


ID Please Apk

Play ID Please with the most bouncer points to start with, just download the APK for your Android phone and get a big headstart in the game!

Download ID Please - Club Simulation [95.69 Mb]


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