Hyper Plinko Mod APK 1.2.2 (Unlimited ball)

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Download Hyper Plinko Mod APK – Latest version – Free for Android and play a fun arcade game to get a chance to earn real money and cash out! Can you hit the jackpot here?

Hyper Plinko Mod APK 1.2.2 (Unlimited ball)
Name Hyper Plinko
Compatible with Android 5.0+
Last version 1.2.2
Size 0 bytes
MOD Unlimited ball
Category Arcade
Developer Shape Keeper Ltd
Price Free
Google Play Link com.hyper.plinko.coin
MOD Features +
  • Unlimited ball
  • Unlimited fruit



There are many arcade games out there. There are also a ton of games that promise you earnings just by playing the game. A lot of people right now are searching for these types of games in hopes for earning some quick cash. But others are just in for some entertaining gameplays. Whatever it is you’re looking for; you get both experience in this game!


Hyper Plinko is a game made by Shape Keeper Ltd. With over a hundred thousand downloads, the game isn’t your typical arcade game! Sure, you can tap the screen and see where the ball goes. But once you hit a certain threshold, you can actually cash out the money you won! Who doesn’t want to play and earn, right?

Play to Earn

Arcade games are always fun to play even in the real world. They’re simple yet so satisfying. We often see these ones in game arcades where you can insert a coin in hopes of winning something. But to be able to have the same experience on a mobile phone is out of this world!


But that’s exactly what Hyper Plinko is all about! Here, you can test your luck to see if you can hit the jackpot. To play, you just need to tap the screen to release the ball. Now, you’ll just wait and see how much money it accumulates! In this game, the more you play the more chances you have at winning! Earn enough so you can cash out your winnings through gift cards! How awesome is that?


Features of Hyper Plinko

Hyper Plinko is an acrade game that pays real money to players! Enjoy a terrific and simple arcade game to test out your luck. Here are its features:

Easy controls – The controls of games nowadays have been optimized to bring us the ultimate experience ever. Playing in our mobile phones gives us limited space for buttons. This is why developers are designing games and controls to optimize the use of our thumbs. And it’s for the same reason that Hyper Plinko is a game that allows you to just touch the screen to drop the ball! In here, there’s nothing more you should do aside from waiting for your earnings! Need we say more?


Incredible gameplay – We can access a lot of arcade games nowadays. But not a lot of them allows you to be able to earn real money! But that’s exactly why Hyper Plinko is a great game. In here, you can enjoy a typical arcade game which earns you money! The great thing about this is that unlike in a real arcade machine, you don’t need to put any coins in here to play. This means that you can earn money at virtually no cost to you. This also means that you get to drop the ball and play as much as you want. You won’t need to do anything else but wait till you accumulate enough to cash out!


Redeem – Speaking of cashing out, this is the part where players get excited the most! In this game, you can cash out when you reach the milestones of 4 million, 9 million and 15 million accumulated stars! For the 4 million stars, you can redeem using the $2 Amazon Gift Card. You just need to put your email address and phone number to do so. There’s no limit to how many gift cards you can redeem, just as long as you get the required stars!


Neon graphics – To accommodate an arcade game that lets you earn money, Hyper Plinko designed the game with neon in mind. This lets you enjoy the game thoroughly as if you’re playing in a casino!

Hyper Plinko Mod APK – Unlimited ball, unlimited fruit

Hyper Plinko is an awesome game that lets you play an arcade game and earn real money. Download the latest version now.

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