Greenify Pro APK 4.7.5

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You can enjoy your phone longer today, thanks to Greenify Pro APK! Access features that will let you optimize your phone. Save your battery and data now!

Greenify Pro APK 4.7.5
Name Greenify Pro
Compatible with Android 4.3+
Last version 4.7.5
Size 3.94 Mb
Category Tools
Developer Oasis Feng
Price Free
Google Play Link com.oasisfeng.greenify

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Download Greenify Pro APK – Optimize Phone

There are a lot of things we can do with our phones today. Almost everyone today uses smartphones everywhere they go since these are convenient devices.

These devices allow us to access the internet, which lets us download apps and visit websites. Today, you can enjoy so many things that you can do with your phone, such as reading ebooks, listening to music, watching movies, and more. With Greenify Pro, you can optimize your phone easily!

greenify pro apk 2022

If you didn’t know, your phone gets sluggish over time as you use many apps regularly. Some apps are still running in the background even if you close them.

These apps will gradually consume your data and battery, making your phone more sluggish. Therefore, an app called Greenify Pro silently hibernates these apps when you’re not using them. This app lets you identify the ones that are not acting generally so you can prolong your phone’s battery.

Make Your Phone Faster

You can enjoy tons of fantastic games today if you’re someone who enjoys them. There are a lot of incredible apps and games that we can download and play on our phones right now. You’re free to enjoy so many apps right now which can provide you with the best experience and features.

But did you know that some apps will keep running in the background even if you close them? These apps will cause your battery and data to deplete rapidly if you’re not careful! However, you can download Greenify Pro today.

greenify pro apk download

This app from Oasis Feng lets you optimize your phone as it can automatically hibernate apps in the background. It will identify apps that are misbehaving so you can take appropriate actions.

Thanks to this app, you can quickly stop these apps from running in the background. Usually, you won’t figure out which apps are misbehaving unless you close them all manually. But with this app, you can now preserve your battery and data so you can use your phone longer.

This app lets you enjoy many features such as automated hibernation, notifications, wake-up tracker, block app state abuse, and more.

Greenify Pro Features

You can enjoy many apps today, but with Greenify Pro, you can easily optimize your phone!

greenify pro apk

Optimize your phone – Thanks to smartphones, we can now enjoy so many apps to use on our phones now. Most apps are free to download, so many of them right now.

If you love using apps, you need to be worried about apps that are constantly running in the background. You might even know them as they’re hard to detect. But thanks to Greenify Pro, you can identify and stop them today to prolong your battery.

With this app, you can freely optimize your phone easily as you can do a lot of things. With this app, you can enjoy your phone for much longer as the app will automatically hibernate the apps running in the background.

greenify pro apk free download

Thanks to this app, you can now use your phone for a more extended period as you can detect which apps are not acting normally. The app shows you the apps that aren’t hibernating automatically, running in the background, hibernating, and more.

Automatic hibernation – We use our phones a lot for various purposes these days. Thanks to these devices, we can do many things for our work, school, business, and personal lives. Today, you can download many free apps on your phone that you can use regularly.

But if you’re not careful, your phone may be in danger from some misbehaving apps. Thanks to Greenify Pro, you’re able to turn on this feature where you can automatically hibernate misbehaving apps! The app will do it for you automatically to rest easy!

greenify pro apk mod

See all the apps – In Greenify Pro, you can see and analyze which apps are misbehaving. The app will show the ones that are not hibernating automatically, hibernate in minutes after the screen is off, hibernated, running in the background, scheduled running, may slow down the device, and more.

Here, you’ll get a complete look at the state of all your apps so you can decide which ones to delete or not. The app will help you hibernate apps and customize your experience today!

With this app, you can enjoy many functions like device admin, draw over another app, disable the lock screen and bind accessibility service, get accounts & write sync settings, and more. This is on top of the function that allows you to hibernate apps!

Download Greenify Pro APK – Latest version

Thanks to Greenify Pro, you’re able to prolong your phone’s battery life and save data by hibernating apps!

Download Greenify Pro [3.94 Mb]


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