Glory of Generals APK 1.2.6

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If you want to enjoy a war strategy game, download Glory of Generals APK - Unlimited everything now. Enjoy a fun strategy game where you can deploy units, win wars, and more.

Glory of Generals APK 1.2.6
Name Glory of Generals
Compatible with Android 4.0.3+
Last version 1.2.6
Size 29.38 Mb
Category Strategy
Developer EasyTech
Price Free
Google Play Link com.easytech.gog

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Glory of Generals APK – War Strategy Game

In this day and age, we can enjoy modern games with stunning graphics and enjoyable gameplay. Many war games are available to play and enjoy right now since they allow players to create strategies.

Most war games are shooting ones, but you can also enjoy the classic ones that involve pure strategies. One of the best games under this genre is Glory of Generals, as it lets you play in over 60 Campaign battles today.

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Here, you can deploy many military units, tanks, artilleries, and many more weapons to help you win. Here, you can enjoy creating various military strategies that will allow you to dominate as you note the terrain.

In this game, you’ll be in charge of the positions of your units, and you’ll take on many challenges in the way. If you’re confident in your abilities as a commander, then it’s time to take control of the war and inflict damage!

Take Control of the War

There are so many enjoyable war games that players can download and enjoy right now. Today's most popular ones include Warpath, Siege, State of Survival, Northgard, and many more.

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These games allow you to create your strategies as you participate in tactical warfare against enemies all over the world. But if you want something historical to play, you can download Glory of Generals today and enjoy. This is a game that lets you enjoy over 60 campaigns today.

Here, you can have fun with so many battlefields in World War II as you can enjoy 102 world-famous generals! There are more than 60 Campaign levels to enjoy here as each will test your tactical knowledge and skills.

In this game, you’re in charge of deploying your armies in different terrains, tanks, weapons, and other aspects as well. Your strategies will be used from the start until the end, so you must be cautious of every single element. You can instruct your officers to move freely and obey your orders!

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There’s also a multiplayer aspect here where you can play with friends through the Game Center.

Features of Glory of Generals

There are so many enjoyable war games today. But Glory of Generals is a game that will test your skills and knowledge now.

The ultimate World War II Game – There are so many categories of games available to enjoy, right. There are racing games, fighting, simulation, puzzle, action, adventure, horror, and even war games.

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The war games let you formulate your strategies as you fight against hordes of enemies today. In these games, your strategy will determine the outcome of the fight! In Glory of Generals, you can play World War II as you enjoy actual tactics and battles today.

In this game from EasyTech, you’ll have a fun time deploying troops on the battlefield today as you formulate your strategies. Here, you’ll be in charge of deploying the troops wherever you want and choosing the number of them to deploy.

You’ll need to seize control of the environment to ensure that your forces can maximize their output. Here, you can play in 60 Campaigns where each one features unique terrains that you can use to your advantage.

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Deploy units and tanks – In this game, you’ll enjoy many units that you can use to win the wars. Here, you can deploy soldiers that will be responsible for advancing and eliminating enemies on foot. Then, different types of tanks will supplement the soldiers and act as a defense mechanism.

There are also artilleries, machine guns, cannons, air support, towers, and other weapons that you can use here. You’re in charge of deploying your troops, whether naval, land, and air force to secure your victory.

60 Campaign levels – In Glory of Generals, you can play in over 60 levels, each with unique enemies and terrains. There are four battlefields to enjoy here and over 300 accurate landscapes that will influence your decisions.

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Here, it would help to find a way to take on the enemies while giving yourself the advantage. Take the terrains as a shield and enjoy so many different scenarios that you’ll face today!

Online multiplayer – If you’re getting bored fighting against computer enemies, try the multiplayer mode now. Here, you can enjoy playing against tough opponents or real players that you can enjoy today via Bluetooth or WiFi.

Download Glory of Generals APK

If you want to enjoy something unique today, then Glory of Generals is a game that will test your war skills.

Download Glory of Generals [29.38 Mb]


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