Kingdom Guard APK 1.0.414

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There are numerous tower defense games available today, if you want a unique one, download Kingdom Guard APK now. Defend yourselves against titans today.

Kingdom Guard APK 1.0.414
Name Kingdom Guard
Compatible with Android 5.0+
Last version 1.0.414
Size 1.27 Gb
Category Strategy
Developer tap4fun
Price Free
Google Play Link com.tap4fun.odin.kingdomguard

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There are many enjoyable games you can play right now but most of them are boring. If you want to experience challenging ones, you should play tower defense games. These games let you rack up your brain as you will defend against hordes of enemies today. But in Kingdom Guard, you can enjoy a fun game that allows you to enjoy defending yourself against numerous titans today. Deploy many towers and heroes today!

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In this game from tap4fun, the tians have invaded the world and they’re now trying to conquer many places. But in this game, you found the last guardian dragon egg and it’s on the verge of extinction. To save it, you’ll need to defend and guard it against many titans. You can then deploy many towers and troops to defend the egg from countless attackers. In this game, you can merge troops to make them stronger and recruit different heroes! There are many upgrades today and many skins to unlock.

An Enjoyable Tower Defense

Plenty of games have come and go and plenty more will be made in the future. But today, you can enjoy a variety of mobile games that span in different categories and types right now. You can enjoy so many games today that you can download and enjoy with friends and family. But if you’re looking for tower defense games, there are also many choices. Kingdom Guard is one of the newest and most enjoyable tower defense mobile game right now!

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You’ll play in a world that has overtaken by titans and they’ve eradicated almost every guardian dragon in existence. Fortunately, you’ve found the last dragon egg and it has now become your mission to protect it. There are many attackers that will not hesitate to go for the egg but you can protect it. You must deploy many troops and towers in this fun tower defense game. Here, you can recruit many heroes such as a magician, an archer, a swordsman, a healer and many more.

You can also train your soldiers and merge them so they can become stronger! But you’ll also face many dangerous titans today that will require a lot of manpower to fight against.

Kingdom Guard Features

Love playing tower defense games? Enjoy a fun one with Kingdom Guard and recruit many powerful heroes to defend the last dragon egg.

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Defend the Dragon Egg – If you want to enjoy a tower defense game, there are so many ones to download right now. These games are fun to play since they involve strategies and countless levels you can enjoy anytime. If you wish to play a new one, download Kingdom Guard today and enjoy! In this game, you’ll play in a world ridden by titans and the guardian dragons have been eliminated. Fortunately, you found the last dragon egg and its now your responsibility to protect it.

In this game, you will enjoy defending the egg against numerous titans that will attack you. There are plenty of levels to go through today and you’ll face against different types of enemies! Recruit many heroes today with different capabilities and ranges so you can fight all sorts of enemies. Unlock skins and you can also evolve your troops to make them stronger. Try to position your troops strategically today!

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Recruit Heroes – In this game, you can recruit many heroes to help you drive out the titan attackers. There are unique heroes that you can recruit today which includes a healer, a swordsman, a mage, an archer a necromancer and many more! Each of these heroes have unique skills and capabilities which makes them powerful against different types of enemies. You’ll need to unlock all of them today so you can defend the egg from attackers. Try to unlock all the heroes today and train them so they can become even more stronger. Face powerful opponents and even bosses today without yielding.

Deploy Troops and Towers – You can also deploy towers in here which will allow your troops to fire at a safe distance. This way, you can position them strategically to fight them easily and defeat them. There are so many positions you can unlock today but you must not let a single enemy touch the egg.

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Unlock Skins and Evolve – The troops can also be merged together to make them even more powerful! You can also evolve them into powerful soldiers today. Unlock different map skins today that you can play in such as the sand map, the ice map and the lava map.

Strategy Sandbox – You can also join an alliance with other players to defeat others! Enjoy becoming the king of the region and get insane rewards.

Download Kingdom Guard APK – Latest version

Defeat all the titans today and save the last dragon egg from extinction in Kingdom Guard.

Download Kingdom Guard [1.27 Gb]


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