Last Fortress Underground APK 1.366.001

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Do you want to play a zombie survival game? Install the Last Fortress Underground APK now and try to survive in your new bunker against zombies.

Last Fortress Underground APK 1.366.001
Name Last Fortress Underground
Compatible with Android 5.0+
Last version 1.366.001
Size 1.69 Gb
Category Strategy
Price Free
Google Play Link

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Last Fortress Underground APK – Survive a Zombie Apocalypse

The zombie genre is enjoyed by millions of people today as there are countless games available. The zombie games usually feature a shooting or a survival genre where you can kill zombies.

Many zombie games will let you test your skills and senses when there’s a zombie apocalypse. If you want to play a zombie game where you can survive, try Last Fortress Underground today and enjoy!

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In this game published by Life is a Game Limited, you’re able to survive along with your crew as the largest community of survivors have been taken down. Beaten, you find an old abandoned building that will do as your shelter from the zombies.

Here, you can build and customize your bunker as you expand your space and facilities and create a haven. Here, you can utilize the unique skills of your people as you’re the commander of the crew. Feel free to conquer the outside world as you scavenge for resources!

Survive with Your Crew

You’re able to enjoy many zombie games right now as there are plenty. Zombie games are everywhere, and they’re enjoyable to play as you get to kill many of them. Although zombies are mythical creatures, they’re terrifying, especially if a large horde comes for you.

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That’s why you can enjoy so many games that let you survive in a zombie apocalypse. In Last Fortress Underground, your job is to lead a small group of people to find a building that you can call your home.

Here, you’ll be able to customize and build your shelter as you can build numerous facilities. There are facilities such as the Power Generators, Satellite Nexus, Mission Control, and others that you can build.

These will help your team become self-sufficient for many days to come as you gather resources outside. Form the ultimate team that will go outside to get resources and fight the zombies that are waiting. Here, you can get some unique individuals with different abilities.

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In this game, you can establish alliances with friends in online matches! Enjoy the game now.

Last Fortress Underground Features

If you love playing zombie games, try Last Fortress Underground, and you won’t be disappointed with the features.

Survive in a building – Survival games are always in demand as many players enjoy them. The idea of trying to survive a zombie apocalypse has long been enjoyed by many players.

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There are tons of games like these in the Google Play Store today. But none can quite match the appeal of Last Fortress Underground as it’s one of the more unique ones. In this game, you and a group of survivors are the last survivors to escape the fallen Castle.

Here, you find a building with bomb-proof doors and an ample supply to last you many days. You’ll then be able to customize and build your shelter here as you survive in the zombie apocalypse.

Here, you can expand your shelter and build various facilities so you can survive. Feel free to go on expeditions so you can secure more resources like ammo weapons, food, and other items. In this game, the goal is to survive, and you’re the leader!

Unique characters – Last Fortress Underground is a fun zombie survival game with unique abilities and personalities. The characters can talk with one another according to the storyline.

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There are various skills that each survivor possesses that you can use to your advantage. Feel free to synergize them and create the best team to conquer many challenges. Here, you can level up your characters to survive more daring situations.

Build and customize your shelter – In Last Fortress Underground, you’re able to build your shelter in the abandoned building. You’ll be able to expand and build various facilities as you play.

You can let your men work to find food, expand and rehabilitate the building. There are so many items and facilities that you can unlock here, like the Ladder, Manual Pump, Mushroom Box, Gopher Power Generator, Trap, and many more.

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Go into expeditions – Here, you’ll need to find resources like food, gas, ammo, weapons, and other vital resources. You’ll also need to kill countless zombies that are going to come for you!

Feel free to enjoy countless adventures and challenges awaiting your team as you try to survive in the zombie apocalypse.

Download Last Fortress Underground APK

If you love zombie games, then Last Fortress Underground Offline OBB is the best game that you can play, similar to Fallout Shelter.

Download Last Fortress Underground [1.69 Gb]


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