Fnaf Ar APK 16.1.0

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If you enjoy a unique type of gameplay, then FNAF AR APK all unlocked is a unique horror game to play. This game uses augmented reality, which presents a realistic approach!

Fnaf Ar APK 16.1.0
Name Fnaf Ar
Compatible with Android 7.0+
Last version 16.1.0
Size 185.16 Mb
Category Strategy
Developer Illumix Inc.
Price Free
Google Play Link com.illumix.fnafar

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Download FNAF AR APK – All Animatronics Unlocked

If you’re someone who enjoys horror games, then there are so many exciting ones to play right now. There are a lot of unique games under this category that you’re free to enjoy and download today.

If you like scaring yourself, there’s nothing more exciting than horror games. The Five Nights at Freddy’s franchise entirely became a successful one. In FNAF AR, you can have fun with horror games in a new way!

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In this fun game from Illumix, you’ll enjoy playing as you try to survive your way out of the Fazbear Funtime Service. Instead of entertaining the guests, the animatronics have started to turn against them.

This horror game lets you immerse yourself as you play using augmented reality. What this does is that you can use your phone’s camera to use your house as a background. Then you’ll enjoy audio-visual sequences designed for augmented reality today!

Survive Against the Robots

If you love playing interesting horror games, you can download so many of them now. They’re everywhere, and you’ll have fun playing tons of these games as they’re exciting for everyone. If you’re someone who loves these games, then you can download so many of them now as you have fun.

Horror games are always exciting, especially for many people worldwide. If you love the Five Nights at Freddy’s franchise, then you can download FNAF AR now! This is an exciting horror game that you can enjoy now.

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This fun and exciting horror game use advanced technology to bring you the most horrifying and realistic experience. The game uses augmented reality so players can immerse themselves in unique experiences.

Here, you’ll need to survive against the animatronics as they attack you randomly. You’ll only have a limited battery per day, so you must use it wisely! You can use an electric shock and a flashlight so you can fight back against the robots!

Can you survive against the robots in this game without losing your mind? Try it now and enjoy!

FNAF AR Highlights

If you love challenging yourself, you can download FNAF AR right now and try to survive.

Survive against animatronics – You’re able to find so many exciting horror games to play right now. There are so many of them that you can enjoy playing on your phone.

These games are perfect for playing if you love challenging yourself as you face your fears. You can find tons of horror games to play right now on the Google Play Store! With FNAF AR, you’re able to play in a fun and advanced environment as you survive against the evil robots.

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You entered the Fazbear Funtime Service in this game, but you’re in for a surprise. You’ll need to escape the evil bears as they’ll try to attack you whenever they can. The goal is to survive for as long as you can, as you can also unlock endoskeletons so you can deploy your animatronics.

This is a game designed for augmented reality to use your phone’s camera while playing. This way, you can immerse yourself in the whole experience as you try to survive!

AR game – You’re able to find so many exciting games that you can play right now. Horror games are the best ones that you can enjoy as they bring out our deepest emotions. In FNAF AR, you’ll face evil animatronics in a way that you haven’t experienced before.

The game uses the advanced technology of augmented reality to bring you a life-like experience. Here, you’ll use your phone’s camera so you can bring your house as a background. Then, the evil animatronics will pop out randomly and will attack you!

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Use a taser and a flashlight – In this game, you’ll survive by using your taser to fight back against animatronics closing in. You can also use your flashlight to see better as there are no light sources in the game. But you’ll need to conserve your battery as using your devices consumes them.

You must be wise as to when you’ll use your devices so that you can survive until the end. This is a fun game that lets you collect parts, test your animatronics and use them to protect yourself!

Realistic graphics and audio make FNAF AR so immersive because the game uses augmented reality. The realistic 3D graphics and audio make it an even more exciting experience for everyone.

Download FNAF AR APK

If you’re someone who loves playing horror games, then you can download FNAF AR right now and enjoy!

Download Fnaf Ar [185.16 Mb]


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