Infinite Lagrange APK 1.2.460457

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Do you love spaceships? Explore the unknown today with Infinite Lagrange and enjoy fighting against spaceships! Venture into the deep and explore many places!

Infinite Lagrange APK 1.2.460457
Name Infinite Lagrange
Compatible with Android 4.1+
Last version 1.2.460457
Size 2.24 Gb
Category Strategy
Developer Netease Games Global
Price Free
Google Play Link com.netease.lagrange

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We’ve made a lot of achievements when it comes to space exploration from the past decades. Today, we have been to the Moon and we’ve charted a lot of planets today. We’re now on the verge of venturing to Mars as we’re preparing our way for colonization if possible. So, if you love everything about space, then we’re sure you’ll enjoy Infinite Lagrange! This game lets you do everything you want in space such as construct your town bases, defend your base, unlock new resources and characters and more.

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As a force leader, you’ll need to achieve a lot of feats today which includes venturing into the unknown. Here, you’ll face a lot of challenges where you many need to fire at enemy ships to defend your base. You can also freely customize your weapon system, and unlock many types of ships today! The realistic ship battles in here are amazing and this is one of the best games on the internet today. Get gems, gold, and elixir from performing many feats.

Explore the Space

It’s said that we’ve only explored around 4% of space after decades of exploration. When we think about it, there are a ton of unknown things out there that are still yet to be discovered. This is why a lot of people believe that intelligent life exists somewhere out there since we’ve only scratched the surface. So, if you’re curious as to what’s out there, then you can play Infinite Lagrange to satiate your hunger for space exploration. Here you can enjoy an interesting space game today.

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Published by Netease Games Global, you’ll be in charge of a fleet here as you venture out into space. Here, you’ll create your own base and you need to defend your base from countless attackers. Here, you can have a lot of buildings and construct many structures today. You can also unlock many resources and characters as you increase in level and face many challenges. Here, you’ll enjoy the realistic space battles as you unlock massive ships.

You can also fortify your ships by customizing the weapons system by including different weapons. Mine, build, trade and expand your base today and even create a clan!

Infinite Lagrange Features

You can do a lot of things with Infinite Lagrange today. You can enjoy constructing your town bases and defending your base against invaders!

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Space Exploration at Its Finest – There are so many things we still have to discover in the outer space. But if you can’t wait to do it, you can just do it yourself today as there are countless space games available. Most space games today just involve stupid battles. But if you want something more, try Infinite Lagrange now and create your own base! Here, you can get a lot of thrilling features today.

This game lets you construct your town bases, unlock many spaceships and customize it as well. The game lets you explore the outer space as you mine for different resources today. You can then get gems, gold, and elixir in your journey to discovery as you also fight enemies. Here, you can also join clans and defend your base against plenty of attackers. Then, you can also increase in level as you enjoy this multiplayer space game today!

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Unlock ships and weapons – There are so many amazing massive ships available in this game today. There’s the Destroyer, Spore Fighter, Solar Whale Carrier, The Great Battlecruiser and many more. There are plenty of aircrafts and ships available to unlock today that you can use to create your fleet. There are many places to explore and you can also enjoy fighting using these ships! Feel free to customize your ships today to include powerful weapons that can fight against powerful fleets.

Mine and build – In Infinite Lagrange, you can construct your town bases as you try to expand your influence. Here, you can construct buildings and construct various places needed right now such as the research branch. Aside from that, you can mine resources and characters here and trade gems, gold and elixir. Enjoy a lot of resources today as you level up!

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Fight against enemy ships – This game also lets you create or join clans and defend your base against enemies. Then you can also create an army to attack other clans to receive many rewards. There are many features that make the game so enjoyable to play right now.

Form alliances and clans – This game lets you create alliances and clans so you can play together with friends! Enjoy alliances now with global players and expand your territory.

Download Infinite Lagrange APK – Latest version

Download Infinite Lagrange right now and enjoy a free and multiplayer game that you can play anytime you want.

Download Infinite Lagrange [2.24 Gb]


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