Puzzles & Survival APK 7.0.151

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Do you love puzzles and zombie games? Download Puzzles & Survival APK now! This game lets you match the same elements to attack the zombies today!

Puzzles & Survival APK 7.0.151
Name Puzzles & Survival
Compatible with Android 4.4+
Last version 7.0.151
Size 459.75 Mb
Category Strategy
Developer 37GAMES
Price Free
Google Play Link com.global.ztmslg

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Download Puzzles & Survival – Zombie Puzzle Game

The zombie genre is loved by many as there have been plenty of games in this one. You can enjoy plenty of games like Zombie Tsunami, Plants vs. Zombies, Zombie Catchers, Zombie Frontier, Dead Target, Unkilled, and many more.

Most zombie games are shooting ones where you can eliminate as many zombies as you want. We love playing these games since they provide non-stop fun for everyone. Puzzles & Survival is a unique one in which it presents survival and puzzles.

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When you think about zombie games, you usually think about shooting ones. But today, you’ll be able to play a zombie game that incorporates puzzles! Here, you’ll be matching the same chess pieces so you can attack the zombies.

There are different pieces that you can match here, which will trigger special attacks for other characters. Enjoy a fun time creating various combos and attacking many zombies today. Do your best to defeat the undead and protect the last line of defense of Earth!

Solve and Fight Zombies

The zombie shooting genre is loved by many primarily because they’re fun to play. You’re free to eliminate as many zombies as you can in these games since that’s the objective.

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Then, you can also use many types of weapons, whether guns, axe, swords, or any other. You’ll also need to find survivors in these games, usually as a story is being followed. But if you’re tired of the usual zombie shooting games, then try Puzzles & Survival now for a change of pace.

This product of Funfunplay incorporates the puzzle-matching aspect that many players love into a zombie game. You’ll be able to eliminate the zombies by matching the chess pieces today.

You’ll be able to match different chess pieces so your characters can attack the zombies and eliminate them. Perform many combos by matching the same chess pieces and unlock grenades, flashbangs, and other weapons.

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There are many enjoyable levels to play and strategies to use here! Recruit the ultimate characters to join your team today and eliminate all the zombies. Protect your last line of defense now.

Highlights of Puzzles & Survival

If you’re excited about a new zombie game, try Puzzles & Survival! This is a game that will let you use your brains.

Destroy zombies – There are many enjoyable zombie games that you can play right now. Most zombie games are shooting ones where you can eliminate the opponents as you wish. Aside from that, there are also unique zombie games here and there that will let you enjoy arcades or even puzzles!

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If you thought that zombies and puzzles don’t go together, think again! Play Puzzles & Survival, and be ready to find out just how exciting this game can be. Here, you’re able to solve puzzles to eliminate zombies.

In this fun game, the mission is to protect the survivors and your base from zombies! Eliminate a lot of zombies right now by matching the same pieces in this game. There are many characters that you can enjoy deploying on the battlefield to fight the zombies here.

You can perform many combos and even unlock grenades and other weapons to fight against powerful zombies! Fight against zombie bosses and other powerful ones right now to protect your base.

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Puzzle-matching game – In Puzzles & Survival, you’re able to enjoy a puzzle-matching game similar to Candy Crush. You’re able to match the same pieces together so you can attack the enemies.

Perform powerful combos now to deal damage, and you can also enjoy many grenades, flashbangs, and other weapons to use. This game will test your skills on strategies as you perform many enjoyable puzzles.

Many levels – This game presents many levels for you to play today. Each one presents unique and powerful zombies, but there are many more bosses and even amazing animals that you’ll fight!

Here, you’ll need to protect your base so you can rescue more civilians as you can recruit more people to join your team. Enjoy many levels today where you’ll fight against many zombies right now.

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Unlock super characters – There are many enjoyable characters that you can recruit on Puzzles & Survival. Here, each character has their strengths and skills that will let you decide on their usefulness. Enjoy characters with higher stars today so you can kill zombies quickly!

Download Puzzles & Survival APK – Latest version

If you love puzzles and zombies, try Puzzles & Survival now and fight against hordes of zombies using your brain.

Download Puzzles & Survival [459.75 Mb]


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