Floating Apps APK 4.22

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Do you want to multitask on your phone? Install Floating Apps APK so you can open multiple apps at the same time. Now, you can save time and effort.

Floating Apps APK 4.22
Name Floating Apps
Compatible with Android 4.1+
Last version 4.22
Size 30.43 Mb
Category Productivity
Developer LWi s.r.o.
Price Free
Google Play Link com.lwi.android.flapps

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Download Floating Apps APK – Multitask

A lot of people today enjoy using their phones for various purposes every day. We’re freely able to download many apps, browse the internet, talk to people, and play games.

But even if a smartphone is more than capable of replacing computers now, they have small screens. Thus, if you want to multitask, then you can install Floating Apps on your phone so you can open many apps at the same time.

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A lot of people would love to have the ability to multitask on their phones as most smartphones only allow one app at a time. But with this app, you can open just about any app that you want at the same time as long as they’re fit in the screen.

This means you can watch videos on YouTube while taking notes and talking to people on Messenger. You can also resize the app, edit many settings and more. There are a lot of uses for this app for many people.

Multitask on Your Phone

We’re able to use smartphones today since they’ve become more affordable than ever. There are smartphones everywhere as more and more people are using them anytime they want. If you’re someone who owns a smartphone, then it’s likely that you use many apps in it each day.

Unlike a computer, smartphones weren’t built for multitasking as they have small screens. So, if you want to maximize your time, then you can download Floating Apps to multitask. This is an app that’s perfect for everyone.

Thanks to this app, you can now multitask as you can open multiple apps at the same time. The opened app will float like a window which you can resize and drag around.

floating apps apk

This means you can do anything you want like listening to music, watching movies, and even writing messages at the same time. There are a lot of apps that this one support that you can open at the same time. Of course, it can’t open games but who plays games with a small screen anyway?

This app lets you customize a lot of things in the settings for free.

Floating Apps Features

If you’re excited to multitask on your phone, install Floating Apps now. Enjoy all of these features and more.

Multitask – In the digital world, we’ve embraced technology as there are a lot of robots and incredible gadgets we use now. Our smartphones are just one of the many products of technology that we use daily.

Through these devices, we can do a lot of things from messaging people to watching videos and playing games. But did you know that you can save time by opening apps at the same time with Floating Apps? This is an app that allows you to multitask on your phone.

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Most phones today are built only to open one app at a time to provide the best experience. But since phone screens are getting larger, it makes sense to be able to open multiple apps at the same time.

With Floating Apps, you can do just this since you can open different apps at the same time as YouTube, calculator, notes, browser and more. You can drag and resize the apps as they’re just floating windows and you can customize a lot of things in the settings.

Open many apps – If you want to open many apps, then you’ll need Floating Apps. Smartphones aren’t built to multitask but with the help of the app, you can do just this. Now, you don’t have to open the apps one by one and switch to them which wastes a lot of time.

You can open them through a floating window that you can drag and resize. You can open different apps that are available on your device like calculator, browser, Facebook, YouTube and many more. Now, you can utilize your time more!

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Drag and resize – This app allows you to open multiple apps at the same time. The apps opened will be displayed through a floating window that you can resize and drag anywhere on your screen.

This will let you adjust everything so you can easily see different apps at the same time. This is a useful app especially for students, workers and people who want to do a lot of things on their phone. Now, you don’t need to switch between apps which takes a lot of time and is inefficient.

Customize settings – This app also lets you customize a lot of things in the settings. You can also enjoy lots of controls in the floating windows such as the ability to minimize, maximize and close the app.

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There’s also a floating menu available which allows you access to many controls. The app lets you customize the name of the apps, color, and many more!

Download Floating Apps APK – latest version

If you’re someone who wants to multitask on your phone, you can install Floating Apps and enjoy.

Download Floating Apps [30.43 Mb]


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