Solid Explorer Pro APK 2.8.43

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Do you want a more organized way to manage the files on your phone? Download Solid Explorer Pro APK! Automatically arrange and protect your files now.

Solid Explorer Pro APK 2.8.43
Name Solid Explorer Pro
Compatible with Android 4.4+
Last version 2.8.43
Size 22.91 Mb
Category Productivity
Developer NeatBytes
Price Free
Google Play Link pl.solidexplorer2

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Download Solid Explorer Pro APK – File Manager

There are many things in the world that you can do today. Thanks to smartphones, we’ve become more able to download apps and be productive.

We can do many things today, especially if we have a smartphone right now. You’re free to enjoy many great apps that let you enjoy many things. If you want to manage all the files on your device, you can download Solid Explorer Pro!

solid explorer file manager pro apk

NeatBytes published this app, and you can enjoy managing all the files on your device with this app. Here, you can freely see all the files stored on your device to manage them efficiently.

You can explore your device as you organize them, and the app will automatically arrange them. You can also encrypt your files to set passwords and so on. You can analyze your storage to see which takes the most significant space on your phone!

Manage Files

Right now, you can do a lot of things on your smartphone. There are a lot of apps and websites available today which you can access for free. If you love doing different things, you can freely access many types of apps today.

We also use and download a lot of files on our devices, so we’ll need a way to manage them. Although there are default file manager apps on all devices, you can still benefit from Solid Explorer Pro!

solid explorer pro apk free download

This app makes managing your files more accessible, thanks to many functions. There are so many exciting files that we regularly use on our phones. If you’re someone who would love to manage your files quickly, then this app is equipped with many functions.

First, it automatically arranges files based on their description and type. You can then access different files categorized as music, photos, videos, word files, and more. You can also access your files based on storage.

Your files can be encrypted here, so only you can access them. Here, you can also optimize your storage easily for free!

Solid Explorer Pro Highlights

If you have a lot of files on your device, it’s time to manage them with Solid Explorer Pro!

solid explorer pro apk

Manage your files – You can enjoy many things that you can do today with your phone. It’s a device that lets people be productive, entertained, and connected to others easily. When you connect your phone to the internet, you can access many things today.

You can download and enjoy many apps right now, which lets you have fun. But with Solid Explorer Pro, you can easily manage all your files in one place! This app contains many useful functions.

With Solid Explorer Pro, you’re able to manage and see all your files in one place. They’re sorted by category, storage, and file type so that you can manage them easily today. With this, you can also connect your cloud storage services like OneDrive, Dropbox, MediaFire, Google Drive, and more.

solid explorer unlocker apk

You can now access your files from your internal, external, and cloud storage. You can also remotely access your files using your computer! This app encrypts all your files so you can protect your privacy.

Access files easily – There are built-in file manager apps on every phone today. But with Solid Explorer Pro, you can easily access all your files more easily. That’s because this app was designed with the user in mind, so you can see files using the dual-pane layout.

Here, you can access all your files in one place as the app categorizes them automatically. You don’t need to worry about your files creating a mess in your phone when you have this app! Here, you can even manage your files remotely!

Encrypt – This app allows you to protect your files by encrypting them with a PIN, password, or fingerprint ID. You can allow access to yourself only so you can protect your files on your device.

solid explorer

Now, you don’t have to worry about your files being used by unauthorized people. You can also easily search for any file on your device with the search bar. You can enjoy accessing many advanced features here as well!

Analyze storage – With Solid Explorer Pro, you’re able to analyze your storage to see which ones are taking the most space. You can then organize your files according to types like documents, photos, downloads, videos, music, and more.

Download Solid Explorer Pro APK – Latest version

If you want to organize the files on your smartphone, download Solid Explorer Pro, a free app!

Download Solid Explorer Pro [22.91 Mb]


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