Extramovies APK v3.0

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Download Extramovies APK for Android and stream all your favorite Indian movies without a hassle. It offers unlimited content free of charge

Extramovies APK v3.0
Name Extramovies
Compatible with Android 4.1+
Last version v3.0
Size 13 MB
Category Entertainment
Developer malakaakash
Price Free

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What You Need to Know About Extramovies App APK

Extramovies APK download is a free entertainment app that allows you to stream different types of movies and TV shows. The app, developed by Malakaakash, comes with a simple user interface. It is free to use for all.

Additionally, the application offers well-categorized content. As such, you can be sure that you will get all the content you need fast, and without any strain. In fact, you will get an advanced search option that enables you to filter all the content available and select the one that suits your needs best.

extramovies apk download

If you a fan of movies, you will find Extramovies Pro APK helpful. It works well with almost all Android devices but requires approximately 14 MB of your phone’s storage space.

How to Use Extramovies APK

This application is simple to use. The first step is to download Extramovies APK for Android, which you can do for free. Once you tap on it to open it, you will see different content categories, including Bollywood, Hollywood, Telugu, Tamil, Kannada, and Malayalam.

From there, you can search through movies and TV shows, pick the one you like, and stream it on your device. You can also bookmark it to watch it later.

Additionally, you can enjoy many TV Live channels. Just tap on the menu icon, then click TV Live Channels, and select your favorite one. TV categories include sports, kids, music, and entertainment.

extramovies apk free download

What’s more, the app features an amazing UI that you will find easy to navigate through. Thus, using Extramovies Pro APK becomes a walk in the park.

Unique Features of Extramovies APK

  • 100% Free - No Hidden Charges. The application offers all content for free. As such, you can be sure of enjoying all the videos and channels without any hassles. This saves you from the cost you would have used to prescribe to premium streaming apps such as Netflix and Hulu.
  • Highly Customizable. You can make sure that you get what suits your needs best by bookmarking it. Also, you can stream the content of your choice with ease since it comes with a simple user interface.
  • All Categories Available. This app offers an extensive list of movies and TV shows. As such, you will never have to look for what you want elsewhere. All you need is to tap on the best title or category and enjoy watching it. It has more than 3,000 channels!
  • No Buffering. There are no delays when watching your favorite videos due to the advanced streaming technology used by this app. All you need is a fast internet connection, or you can use your device’s data.

Highly Diverse Content

The app offers movies in several categories, including romance, action, comedy, sci-fi, and more. In addition to streaming your favorite movies and shows, you can also enjoy entertaining videos like music and comedy clips.

extramovies apk

The app boasts more than 4,000 Bollywood Movies. Some of its most popular titles include Walter, Paris Jayaraj, A1 Express, Vell Yanai, Dhruv IPS, and Inspector Vikram.

If you are a sporting fan, you will be guaranteed to watch cricket, baseball, volleyball, tennis, soccer, basketball, and other games.

An Easy-to-Use Interface

The Extramovies Pro APK app uses an impressive UI, making navigation fast and simple. There are no long menus to navigate when searching for your favorite content. You can tap on the genre or search toolbar, enter what you want to watch, and stream it in seconds.

extramovies app apk

This app is free for use. However, you can opt to purchase a premium version that allows logging in for uninterrupted streaming, among other advantages.

Superior Graphics/Backgrounds & Sound Systems

The app is embellished with spectacular graphics and background, ensuring you enjoy watching entertaining videos. You can also make use of the in-app equalizer to enhance your experience when streaming music or playing sports games.

What’s more, there is no delayed sound when streaming movies.

Superior Connectivity

You need not worry about connectivity hiccups when using this app. It works seamlessly on various devices. This makes it suitable for you to enjoy your favorite content whether you are relaxing at home or traveling on the go.

Extramovies APK Download Free

Are you wondering how you can download the app? The free version is easy to get. All you need is an Android device that runs on at least 4.2 OS. 

extramovies pro apk

To download the application, visit any reliable third-party website. Once there, click on the Install button below it and follow the prompts to end your installation process. You will then be able to start using the app.


Extramovies Pro APK is among the best apps you can use to stream your favorite content. It offers an impressive user interface, making it easy for you to find and stream what matters most to you.

It has a unique feature that enables users to bookmark their favorite videos, ensuring they do not miss any of them when streaming or offline.

Not only that, but you can also avail of its superior graphics and sound effects.

Download Extramovies [13 MB]


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