Evil Nun Rush APK 1.0.7

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There are many horror games available, yet Evil Nun Rush APK is here to provide unique gameplay. Enjoy plenty of stages as you solve puzzles and escape.

Evil Nun Rush APK 1.0.7
Name Evil Nun Rush
Compatible with Android 4.4+
Last version 1.0.7
Size 142.21 Mb
Category Arcade
Developer Keplerians Horror Games
Price Free
Google Play Link com.keplerians.evilnunrush

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Download Evil Nun Rush APK – Horror Adventure

You're free to play and enjoy games today, letting you have fun. There are all sorts of horror games for you to play and enjoy anytime you want.

evil nun rush apk all unlocked

If you're looking for the best games to play, then the horror genre is one that you shouldn't miss! This is a genre filled with many incredible games such as Evil Nun Rush, which lets you solve puzzles.

In this game from Keplerians Horror Games, you can enjoy an adventure horror game where you'll need to solve countless puzzles and scenarios. In this game, each floor is unique as it's riddled with countless challenges for you to solve.

Here, you can unravel various secrets and experience new puzzles, maps, and enemies to fight with. This is a horror game set in 3D so that you can enjoy a fantastic experience today. If you're searching for the next best game to play, this is the one!

Enjoy Horror

There are a lot of cool games for you to enjoy right now, anytime you want. You're free to have fun with so many incredible games to enjoy right now, such as racing, RPG, horror, thriller, and more.

evil nun rush apk android

But if you're someone who loves horror games, you can download so many incredible ones right now. There are many unique horror games today, but Evil Nun Rush provides an incredible experience. Here, you'll solve puzzles to get out of the evil nun!

There are so many horror games to play, but you shouldn't miss Evil Nun Rush now if you're searching for a fun one. This game will challenge you with different floors as each one is unique and has different puzzles to solve.

To complete the level, you'll be given many power-ups and various tools at your disposal to get out. But you'll need to be wary of the evil nun as she will be everywhere! If you can handle this, then download the game now.

This game isn't for the faint-hearted as there are many scary scenarios here.

Evil Nun Rush Highlights

If you love playing unique horror games, you can't miss Evil Nun Rush now.

Incredible horror game – There are so many incredible games for you to play and enjoy right now. If you're searching for the best games to play, many of them are on Google Play Store.

evil nun rush apk best version

There's nothing more satisfying than being able to play and enjoy your free time on your phone. But if you're getting bored by the usual games, why don't you download Evil Nun Rush for a change? This game lets you solve puzzles in a horror/adventure game.

This game isn't like the typical horror games that will scare you endlessly. Instead, you'll solve many puzzles on different floors, but you'll need to evade the evil nun. This game will let you use your skills and brains as you find the exit on each floor.

If you complete the story mode, you can get a lot of coins and power-ups. There are many incredible puzzles to solve as you use your brainpower today. Can you handle the evil nun?

Plenty of floors – There are a lot of incredible games for you to enjoy downloading right now. If you're searching for a fun game to play, then Evil Nun Rush might be for you. Your goal is to solve countless puzzles in different floors in this game.

evil nun rush apk download

Each stage is unique, and you'll be able to move around to solve different puzzles. You can also discover unique secrets and areas that aren't easily seen. But you need to be careful as the evil nun lurks around, and you don't want to be seen!

Solve puzzles – In Evil Nun Rush, your goal is to solve puzzles so you can get out of each level. There are various clues around each level here where you can pick up keys and various objects to help you escape. There are so many puzzles here that you'll enjoy solving today, as this is a fun game.

If you love thrilling games, then this is for you as you can walk around and collect various things. The game's difficulty increases as you'll face various enemies and obstacles on the way.

Power-ups – You can pick up various power-ups that will grant you different abilities and skills in this game. If you finish the story, you can enjoy so many power-ups to collect.

evil nun rush apk

There are so many clues to find and puzzles to solve. If you think you can escape the evil nun, then play this game now.

Download Evil Nun Rush APK – latest version

If you're not scared of an evil nun, you can now download Evil Nun Rush and enjoy a fun adventure/horror game.

Download Evil Nun Rush [142.21 Mb]


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