Rocket Sky APK 1.7.2

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Download Rocket Sky APK – Latest version – Free for Android if you love rockets and space exploration! Try to launch your rocket as far into the sky as you can now!

Rocket Sky APK 1.7.2
Name Rocket Sky
Compatible with Android 4.4W+
Last version 1.7.2
Size 126.52 Mb
Category Arcade
Developer Kwalee Ltd
Price Free
Google Play Link com.dpspace.rocketsky

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Humans have always been curious. So much so that we’ve sent people into the moon and now we’re trying to colonize Mars. Because of this, we’ve learned to create man-made rockets that can survive the trip to outer space and back. If you love the space and rockets, you’ll love this game!


Rocket Sky is an arcade game developed by Kwalee Ltd. which has over 10 million downloads in Google Play Store! Rocket Sky boasts simple gameplay that allows you to fly your rocket into space as high as you can. In this game, you’ll learn what makes a rocket operate so you can try to get it as far as you can. Of course, launching a rocket costs money so you need tons of it as you fly! Read on below to know more.

What is Rocket Sky?

Rockets have always been very popular with people. They allow astronauts to go outside the space and into the moon and the planets. They make space exploration possible but they require tons of money and knowledge. But they allow you to go just about anywhere you wish!


If you have unfathomable love for rockets, then you’ll love Rocket Sky! This game features incredibly simple gameplay of allowing you to fly a rocket! In this game, you need to tap and hold the screen to launch your rocket. However, you can’t immediately get your rocket into space as that would require tons of upgrades. You’ll need to gradually fly higher as you upgrade your fuel, engine, speed, and more! Try to get into the outer space in Rocket Sky! Read on to find out more.

Features of Rocket Sky

Rocket Sky is an awesome arcade game that lets you launch a rocket into space! Get it as high as you can by upgrading the speed, fuel and engine! But be careful not to overheat your rocket. Here are the features:

Unique gameplay – Rocket Sky is an awesome arcade game that allows you to launch a rocket into space as far as you can! But at first it isn’t as easy as you think. In this game, you’ll break records as you try to fly your rockets as high as you can. These records are from you and from players around the world. To go as high as you can, you’ll need to understand how a rocket works! There are plenty of things you’ll need to learn in here so buckle up for a wild ride!


Upgrades – In, you’ll start with a weak rocket. This means that the more you fly and earn, the more you can upgrade your rocket! Every upgrade costs money so and it doubles as you purchase an upgrade. In this game, you can upgrade the speed, fuel, earnings, offline earnings and more! You’ll need to upgrade your rocket so much to reach new heights!

Rockets and planets – In Rocket Sky, you can get plenty of rockets to unlock! This will make you reach newer heights as the newer and more powerful rockets! Then, there are also tons of planets to unlock in here to reach new heights! Overall, you can unlock tons of things in here to make flying more fun!


Graphics – Rocket Sky boasts simple but addictive graphics. The 2D animation is enough for you to get hooked right away as you try to get your rocket to newer heights! There are also tons of other elements that will catch your eye from the planets to other things.

Controls - Rocket Sky is an awesome game that lets you control rockets easily! In this game, you can fly your rocket by tapping and holding the screen. Then, you just release it as your fuel comes down to zero.

Rocket Sky APK – Unlimited money, no ads

Rocket Sky is an awesome game about rockets! Try to fly your rocket as high as you can! Download the unlimited money now!

Download Rocket Sky [126.52 Mb]


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