Diy Makeup APK

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Love putting makeup on? Why not create your own in DIY Makeup APK? Here, you can create various cosmetic products such as lipsticks from fruits and others!

Diy Makeup APK
Name Diy Makeup
Compatible with Android 4.4+
Last version
Size 80.81 Mb
Category Simulation
Developer Crazy Labs by TabTale
Price Free
Google Play Link

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In today’s world, it’s a normal thing to put makeup on for the ladies and even some men. This has become a norm for everyone especially for those that want to look good for the cameras. If you love makeup and DIY, then you should try playing DIY Makeup today. This is a game where you can freely create different types of cosmetic products from various objects and fruits. Create the different requests of your customers today!


diy makeup mod apk

Makeup products have become a necessity in today’s world especially for people who deal with people all the time. It’s imperative to look good so they put on makeup all day. In this game, you get to create makeup from different products like candles, avocados, raspberries and many more. Moreover, you can create different types of cosmetics with your own hands!

Create Cosmetic Products

Putting on makeup has become a normal thing for people all over the world so much so that we now have makeup tutorials as well. Makeup are powerful products that can transform anyone to look more appealing instantly. Moreover, they are easy to apply and to remove making them the best cosmetic invention ever. If you have a talent for creating things yourself, then you’ll enjoy DIY Makeup! This game lets you create different makeup products using daily objects and fruits.

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This game wonderfully combines different products with fruits and allows you to experiment with them. Create foundations, blushes, lipsticks, face masks, and many more. You are able to use ingredients such as candles, bananas, avocados, coconuts and many more. Be creative and create wonderful cosmetic products for your customers today and get rewards. You can unlock many ingredients in here that you can use for your business.

Bring out your inner creativity today and use various tools and ingredients to make women prettier. Raise your reputation as the best makeup creator in the world today!

DIY Makeup Features

Do you love using makeup? Have you always wanted to create your own using different household products? Play DIY Makeup now!

Conjure Your Own Makeup – We all know and have seen makeup at this point since they’ve become a necessity today. Most women use them regardless of their jobs and even when they’re just going outside. These products are some of the most powerful and the makeup industry has been growing steadily. With this, you can now enjoy creating your own makeup in DIY Makeup. In this game, you’re going to take various customer requests and create makeup products.

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Depending on the customer, you may be asked to create different cosmetic products such as lipsticks, blushes, foundations, concealers and many more. Each of the product here is created by hand and they involve household products. Here, you can use avocados, raspberries, candles, cucumber, and various products to create cosmetic makeups. Create your dream makeup today using your own hands and earn money doing so!

Take up numerous orders – In DIY Makeup, you’re going to take up many orders from customers all throughout. Each of them has different requests that you must complete if you want to earn money. Some will ask you to create lipsticks, while others need blushes and so on. It’s your job to create these makeup products using various products so you can unlock many more ingredients! Enjoy creating tons of cosmetic products now and increase your reputation.

Create many products – In this game, you’re going to create a lot of different products for your customers. Each of them requires you to make them by hand using fruits and other products and tools. Mix and match them together and put them into a beautiful container to create the finished product. Test your product now and get many like and followers!

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Use various objects – In this game, you’ll be creating makeup products using different ingredients such as bananas, raspberries, honey, and many more. Each product is unique and you need to create the best one out of the resources you have. Unlock many more ingredients by completing orders today and enjoy rewards!

Earn rewards - DIY Makeup is one of the most realistic simulation for makeup products today. Enjoy creating various orders and earn rewards. You will also enjoy testing out your products to see if they work as intended. Don’t miss out on this fun game today!

DIY Makeup APK

What can you do with coconut, honey, banana, cucumber and candle? You can create makeup products in DIY Makeup!

Download Diy Makeup [80.81 Mb]


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