Storypick APK 4.5

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Do you love Kdramas? If you do, then it’s time to write your own story. Download Storypick now and enjoy making various choices now that affect the story today!

Storypick APK 4.5
Name Storypick
Compatible with Android 5.0+
Last version 4.5
Size 84.89 Mb
Category Simulation
Developer Com2uS
Price Free
Google Play Link

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Do you love watching dramas and tv programs? Today, there are a lot of shows and movies you can watch on TV and streaming platforms. But a lot of people especially love watching Kdramas where they can fall in love with the characters. Here, there are fun interactions and romantic stories that you can fall in love with. But if you’ve always wanted to change the stories of these dramas, you can do so in Storypick!

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There are a lot of romantic simulation games today, but this one is a little different. A product of Com2Us, this game lets you take your pick from popular TV shows today such as Kingdom, Heart Signal, Thread of Time, The Gossip Room and many more. If you’ve ever wanted to change the course of the story of these popular dramas, this is your chance to do so! Select which one you’d like to date with by choosing your responses and actions in this game. Create the perfect romantic story today.

Choose Your Romance

There have been thousands of shows all throughout the world that have been aired for years now. But the most popular romantic shows today seem to be from South Korea. These shows are often called K-dramas and they’re popular even in streaming platforms like Netflix, Hulu and more. But if you’re not satisfied with how the way things turned out with your favorite shows, why not live in it yourself? Yes, you can do that now thanks to Storypick where you can pick your own story and your actions.

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In this app, you can enjoy the most popular shows today such as Memories of King BS, Kingdom, Thread of Time, Heart Signal, Office Scandal, Sunny Days Boys High, The Gossip Room and more. In this game, you can enjoy simulating the story of these popular shows but with a twist. The twist is that you can change the flow of the story according to your choices and reactions. Here, you can select what response you’ll give and the things you’ll do.

Ultimately, your actions will lead to you getting the guy you want and the ending you want!

Storypick Features

Romance simulation games are plenty today. But Storypick is a unique one in which you can live in your popular K-dramas today!

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Reprogram Your Favorite Shows – Do you watch a lot of shows today? There’s a huge chance that you do thanks to numerous shows today airing all over the world. But the most popular romance and drama shows today seem to be the ones from South Korea called K-dramas. These shows are the talk of the town today and they are the ones that are trending constantly. But if you’re not satisfied with the way these shows end, then you can change the flow yourself!

Enjoy jumping into the world of your favorite dramas today such as Heart Signal, Threaded Time, Memories by King BS, The Office Scandal, The Gossip Room and many more. This app contains the hottest and the most popular K-drama shows today so you can pick the ones you like. Here, you can select your choice of action as the app will allow you to do so periodically. Over time, your choices will affect the story as well as your relationships with the characters!

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Popular K-dramas – With Storypick, you can select quite a lot of popular TV shows. These includes shows like Sunny Days Boys High, Threaded Time, Memories by King BS, Heart Signal, Office Scandal, Oh Blossom, The Gossip Room and more! There are tons of titles today that are available right now in this game. These are all A-rated shows and they have unique stories and cast of characters that you’ll fall in love with. You can enjoy all of them right now when you download the app!

Select Your Actions – In Storypick, you’ll be the one who will decide what your response is and what you’ll do. This game lets you decide your own flow of story that will result from the choices you make! Choose wisely as there are plenty of choices to make and different situations you’ll face today. Ultimately, it’s your choice that will decide the ending of the story.

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Enjoy Picking Your Outfit – In this game, you can also pick your own outfit. Here, you can purchase different outfits so you can earn Affinity points with characters. This will boost your relationship with other characters that you would want to end up with. Choose from a chic dress or a formal attire or even a traditional wear!

Fancy Graphics – This game lets you enjoy fancy graphics and beautiful designs today. Here, you’ll enjoy the fun character designs and locations.

Download Storypick APK

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