Animal Restaurant APK 11.15

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You're able to enjoy a fun animal game today with Animal Restaurant APK Start from scratch, serve food to customers and upgrade your restaurant slowly!0

Animal Restaurant APK 11.15
Name Animal Restaurant
Compatible with Android 4.2+
Last version 11.15
Size 332.58 Mb
Category Simulation
Developer DH-Publisher
Price Free
Google Play Link

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Download Animal Restaurant APK – Cute Simulation

There are so many restaurant games available in the Google Play Store right now. They're fun and exciting, especially for people who love food and managing restaurants today.

Although there are tons of exciting restaurant games you can download now, you can't go wrong with simulation ones. You can download Animal Restaurant apk unlimited cod today and enjoy a different vibe. Here, you'll take in a stray cat that will prove helpful for you in establishing your restaurant!

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There are so many restaurant games now, but this one is unique! Published by DH-Publisher, this relaxing restaurant simulation game will let you cook and serve various types of food like spaghetti, pancakes, taiyaki, shaved ice, and many more.

There are all sorts of animal customers that will come back time and time again in your restaurant that you can serve. Here, you can create a theme for your restaurant to find the best furniture and fixtures for it. Have fun with this relaxing game now!

Fun Simulation About Animals

If you're someone who loves animals dearly, then there are many exciting games you can play now. You're able to find so many exciting games that let you care for animals and do all sorts of fun things.

You're free to download many animal games like Merge Animals 3D, Hyper Evolution, Farmville, Hybrid Animals, Animal Jam, and many more. But if you're into animals and simulation games, then you can enjoy Animal Restaurant right now. In this game, your goal is to build your restaurant today.

You'll be able to build your restaurant gradually here with the help of stray cats. Here, you'll adopt different cats that will help you manage the restaurant as you earn money.

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You can then unlock so many recipes that you can serve guests to keep them coming back for more. Here, you're able to enjoy a lot of fun food like avocado sandwiches, pizza, spaghetti, shaved ice, and many more. You can even hire more cute animals as staff to keep things going.

This is a relaxing simulation game that you can enjoy now! Watch as your restaurant grows today.

Animal Restaurant Highlights

If you're someone who loves restaurants and animals, then you can freely download Animal Restaurant today.

Animal-centric game – You can enjoy many fun simulation games right now for your phone. You can download so many of these games since they're easy to play, and they can be found anywhere. If you're looking for the best games to play, then simulation games are for you.

You can find many of these games today that feature many other genres that you can enjoy. Download Animal Restaurant today to manage a restaurant with your animal friends. In this game, you'll be able to adopt a cat that will help you manage a restaurant. You can slowly grow your restaurant as you adopt many cats and recipes and serve many guests.

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You're free to work hard to serve your customers as you can decorate your restaurant however you want. You can upgrade your restaurant by buying new furniture and fixtures in this fun game. Feel free to enjoy this relaxing simulation game now.

Enjoy many recipes – In this fun game, you can unlock and serve so many recipes right now. There are various types of food that you can serve here, like spaghetti, strawberry pancakes, shaved ice, pizza, taiyaki, and many more. You're able to unlock as many recipes as you can to serve more customers.

As you know, different customers will request different food so that you can unlock so many recipes here. Feel free to have fun by serving your customers the best food you can create!

Hire staff – This game is exciting because you can hire many staff to help you manage the restaurant. You're free to enjoy hiring cute staff to help you with many things in this game.

Here, you can hire cats that have different characteristics and unique traits. You can then enjoy a relaxing game because you can have fun with many cats here! You'll also meet a lot of cute animals as customers that you'll need to serve here.

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Decorate your restaurant – This game allows you to unlock so many items you'll use in the restaurant. This includes stoves, windows, trash cans, tables, chairs, desks, and many more.

You can unlock items for your kitchen, garden, buffet, and many more. You can even have a theme for your restaurants, such as a Japanese-inspired garden and many more.

Download Animal Restaurant APK

If you adore playing with cute animals, you can download Animal Restaurant apk unlimited money and gems right now and enjoy!

Download Animal Restaurant [332.58 Mb]


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