Soap Cutting Mod APK 3.02

Download the ASMR Soap Cutting apk game that will de-stress you and give you immense satisfaction. Cut different bars of soap and feel the tickles on your body.


Informationen von Soap Cutting Mod APK 3.02

Name Soap Cutting
Kompatibel mit 4.4
Letzte Version 3.02
Entwickler Crazy Labs by TabTale
Google play link com.crazylabs.soap.cutting
Preis Frei
Größe 147.04 MB
Kategorie Simulation

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The Soap Cutting game was developed by Crazy Labs – a prolific games developer who are responsible for a number of popular releases. It takes the concept of the popular soap cutting videos on YouTube and turns it into a game.


Soap cutting became popular as a way to induce relaxation and a kind of tickling effect in the body. It’s called ASMR and there are multiple videos in this style on the internet. Soap cutting is among the most odd, but once you try it, there is no going back.

Cut the soap

The game offers a variety of different soaps to cut – and you can unlock various different knives to cut it with. Each time you cut away all the soap, you’ll unlock an animal or object and you’ll get some points. You can use these points to unlock new knives and build a collection of stress-reducing soap cutters.


There really isn’t any challenge at all to this game – that isn’t the point of Soap Cutting. The point is to reduce stress and make you more in tune with your own body in the process. Next time you’re travelling between the office and home, take a couple of minutes to sit back, relax, and cut some soap. You’ll be surprised at how much of an effect it can have on you.


Soap Cutting Mod APK – Unlimited Money, No ads

Try playing the game now for free – you can download it here and enjoy the relaxing therapy of cutting up bars of soap. Where else can you find such relaxing fun?


Mod Features:

  • Unlimited Money: Playing enough 50 gold will activate the mod feature
  • No ads

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