Clusterduck APK 1.16.1

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Do you love ducks? Download Clusterduck APK now and enjoy hatching as many ducks as you can! Here, you can hatch different types of ducks, from common to rare!

Clusterduck APK 1.16.1
Name Clusterduck
Compatible with Android 4.4+
Last version 1.16.1
Size 122.69 Mb
Category Casual
Developer PIKPOK
Price Free
Google Play Link

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Do you enjoy playing casual games today? There are so many enjoyable casual games that you can enjoy today. If you want to, you can play all sorts of casual games, from racing to simulation to even shooting games.

Many simple games allow you to have a good time without requiring you to focus so much and spend a lot of time on it. One good game that you can enjoy today is called Clusterduck, and it’s a game that allows you to hatch as many ducks as possible.

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This is a game published by PIKPOK, and it’s a casual game you can enjoy anytime you want. There’s not much to do other than enjoy hatching ducks and watching them multiply one-by-one. Here, you can unlock plenty of ducks, and you can get different rarities from common to rare to legendary.

Then, you’ll also enjoy mutating different types of ducks with unique heads, bodies, wings, and more. Try to hatch as many ducks as today!

Hatch Ducks in Clusterduck

Do you ever feel like you want to play a game but don’t want to invest so much time and effort into it? Casual games are the solution since it doesn’t require you to focus on it unlike shooting or racing games. Here, the games are simple, and you can even play them with one hand.

You don’t need to level up or spend many hours griding your character, unlike RPG games. One of the best casual games to play is Clusterduck!

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This game lets you breed as many ducks as you can and enjoy seeing them in action. There’s not much to this game other than the fact that you’ll get to see some exciting duck mutations. The more ducks you hatch, the weirder the ducks would be, and you’ll see many transformations!

There are all sorts of ducks available today that you can hatch today and you can enjoy! There are also different rarities such as common, rare, epic, and legendary.

You can also sacrifice some ducks down the hole if you need more room for more. But be careful of the dark!

Capabilities of Clusterduck

Do you want to play a game focused on ducks? Download Clusterduck today and have fun breeding as many ducks as you can.

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Breed many ducks – There are so many funny and exciting games on the internet today. These are games that you can play whenever you have time and when you’re bored. Aside from that, you can enjoy various them without the need to put so much effort and time into them.

As such, you can download Clusterduck now and enjoy hatching as many ducks as you want! Here, the goal is to breed as many as you can, but you need to be careful of mutant ones.

Here, you can enjoy breeding many types of available ducks. There are so many ducks in existence here that you’re free to unlock. Here, you can hatch a duck as they will automatically lay eggs, and you’ll tap the Hatch button.

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Then, watch as your ducks will grow in number, and you’ll need to remove some to make room for more. You can enjoy hatching mutations today that have unique body parts!

Different rarities – Clusterduck features many ducks in other rarities such as common, rare, epic, and legendary! You’ll be able to randomly hatch a duck with a different rarity in this game. Enjoy plenty of ducks today, and you’ll be able to see them walking down the screen.

But you need to be aware of the number of ducks on the screen since you can only have a certain amount at a time. You must throw some ducks in the hole if you want to make room for more!

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Enjoy many mutations – There are so many mutations that can happen with the ducks you breed here. You can enjoy different ones with different parts such as body, wing, head and many more.

Enjoy different ducks with unique and creepy looks today. You’ll be able to unlock as many types of ducks as you can as you play this game for a long time.

Different duck descriptions – Each duck in here is unique, and it has some weird descriptions. You’ll be able to have a good laugh as you read through the descriptions that the developers thought of today!

Download Clusterduck APK – Latest version

Enjoy a fantastic casual game now! Download Clusterduck and have fun breeding different types of ducks.

Download Clusterduck [122.69 Mb]


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