CallBox APK 6.2

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Do you want to record your calls on your phone? Download Callbox APK now. You can automatically save your calls, block spam calls and many more.

CallBox APK 6.2
Name CallBox
Compatible with Android 4.4+
Last version 6.2
Size 17.66 Mb
Category Productivity
Price Free
Google Play Link

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Download Callbox APK – Record Calls

We’re living in a world where there are a lot of convenient apps that we can download. The world is filled with many incredible apps for us to use for various purposes right now.

If you’re someone who loves to use so many apps that can make your life easier, then you can download Callbox now for free. This is an app that automatically records all your calls easily.

callbox apk

All smartphones today have a default caller ID app that you can use to make and receive calls. But when you download this app, you can enjoy more features than what is possible from normal caller ID apps.

With this app, you can automatically record all your phone calls, so you don’t have to manually do it. This means that you can retain evidence of contracts, review what you’ve said and more. Then, you can also block incoming calls easily and it even detects spam calls. The app has a lot of cool features to use today.

Phone Dialer App

You’re free to find a lot of apps that can be used for many purposes now. A lot of people still mainly use smartphones for calls and messages which is why they use them a lot.

There are a lot more uses for a smartphone now, but this is the main way to use the phones. There are also default caller app that’s available in smartphones today that you can use. But with Callbox, you can enjoy more features to use that aren’t available in the default ones.

callbox premium apk

In this app, you’re able to easily record phone calls without doing it manually. With the default caller apps, you’ll need to select if you want to record the call when you’ve received it. But this app can record all calls for you so you can review them later.

This is a useful feature to have since you can use it to review business talks, personal details and more. Then, the app can also identify spam calls for you so you can stay safe.

Aside from those, the app also lets you block calls using the volume down button and more.

Callbox Highlights

We’re living in an advanced world right now and with Callbox, you can enjoy more features than you would from a regular caller app.

Incredible caller app – We’re seeing so many people use smartphones worldwide these days. Thanks to so many apps to use, we’re able to enjoy using our phones for different purposes.

But if you’re mainly using it for calls and messages, then you can enjoy so many apps for that. You can get rid of your default caller app and download Callbox now for a lot more features for free.

callbox pro apk

This app is capable of many incredible features most notably the ability to record calls. Although most default caller apps have that, you can set it so that the app will automatically do this. Now, you’re able to easily record all the calls even if they’re not important.

You can also playback the recorded audio through the app so you can listen on important conversations. Thanks to this app, your life is easier as it also detects spam calls. It can also detect unknown numbers of thanks to its advanced AI features. There are a lot of features to use here.

Record calls – When you want to call someone, you can easily do that with your smartphone. With the help of Callbox, you can elevate your call experience to the next level. Thanks to this app, you can now record calls automatically and play it back from the app.

This is a useful service since you’ll get to hear back the important details you might have missed during the call. It’s also useful for those who have work or businesses since it can play back the details of the conversation. This is an automatic feature, so you don’t have to set it up.

callbox apk old version

Block spam – With Callbox, you can easily block spam as the app can identify it easily. While advanced smartphones also have this feature, it’s nice to have it using the app. Now, you can easily block spam numbers just by tapping the volume down button.

This is a convenient way to block calls while you’re in a meeting, at school or other important events. The app can also recognize unknown numbers using its advanced AI. This is simply a genius app that you need to use instead of the default caller app.

Other features – This app also lets you choose the quality of the audio formats. The app lets you use its services for free as you can customize a lot of features. When you want to call someone, you can rest easy knowing that the app will record the call for you.

Download Callbox Pro APK – latest version

If you want to enjoy high-quality calls, download Callbox now and get a lot of important features.

Download CallBox [17.66 Mb]


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