Button Fever APK 6.1.0

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Love merger puzzle games? Button Fever APK brings a unique game . The more buttons, the more earnings.

Button Fever APK 6.1.0
Name Button Fever
Compatible with Android 4.4+
Last version 6.1.0
Size 93.28 Mb
Category Puzzle
Developer Rollic Games
Price Free
Google Play Link com.vp.shootingbutton

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Download Button Fever APK – Click Game

A lot of people work each day to earn money that they can use to live by. But what if you can earn money easily just by being a multitasker?

Button Fever is a game which makes use of your ability to click multiple buttons at the same time to earn. The idea is to place buttons, merge them and click them to make money.

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A simple game with a simple goal – to make some serious cash! In this casual game, you’ll be given a keyboard and a few buttons to start with. There are numbers in the buttons which shows the amount that you can earn per click.

The more buttons you merge and click, the more you can earn. It’s a simple clicker game that doesn’t take much of your time but an addictive one to play. 

A Close Look at Button Fever

Casual games are always a fun way to pass the time. These types of games are easy and quick to play. Button Fever is a game from Rollic Games that features keyboards clicks.

The goal is to place the buttons and click them from the keyboard to make money. To increase your production, you can merge the same ones to form a different button that earns more.

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It’s an effortless game for the most part but you need to invest money on buying buttons. Who doesn’t want to earn money just by clicking the keyboard? We’d all love that ability, and, in this game, you can do so.

In the game, your multitasking abilities will be challenged for you need to click the buttons to earn money. It’s not a tycoon game where money is made passively. For the most part, it’s fun and easy with lots of progression. 

Why You Should Try Button Fever

At this point, you should be convinced to try the game. If not, here are the reasons to play it.

It’s a clicker game – Clicker games is an old genre in the Play Store. Button Fever is a clicker game which means all you need to do is to tap the buttons to earn money.

Each button has an indication on how much you can earn per tap. The more you tap, the more money you can get. You can do this in perpetuity provided you don’t get tired.

button fever mod apk android

Unlock unlimited buttons – As long as you have the money, you can unlock unlimited buttons. But you’ll mostly reinvest your money towards buying more buttons.

You’ll need to continually merge and upgrade your buttons so you can earn more money. There are different types of buttons that you can unlock here.

Earn tons of money and upgrade – As you tap, you’ll earn money. But to speed up your earnings, you can also upgrade. Button Fever allows you to upgrade your income, button speed and offline earning.

As you continue to upgrade these things, they will cost more to upgrade again. But it should be your priority to upgrade otherwise it will take a long time to earn lots of money.

Get free buttons – Button Fever gives you the ability to get some free buttons just by watching video ads. By trading a small piece of your time, you can gradually increase your buttons! This is a great trade especially if you want to earn money a lot.

button fever mod apk for android

Satisfying graphics and sounds – Tapping the buttons provide a satisfying clicking sound. It’s like the sound you get when you use a mechanical keyboard.

Thus, the more you tap, the more the sound comes to life. The animations of the money coming in the monitor is also fun as there’s a tube connecting the two.

Download Button Fever APK

Earning money is as simple as tapping the keyboard in Button Fever! Unlock more buttons and enjoy earning money.

Download Button Fever [93.28 Mb]


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