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Do you enjoy using the internet? You’ll enjoy it, even more when you download Bunny VPN APK now! This app protects your data and privacy all for free!

Name Bunny VPN
Compatible with Android 5.0+
Last version
Size 14 MB
Category Tools
Developer Team Bunny VPN
Price Free

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Download Bunny VPN APK – Fast and Free VPN

The internet provides us with a lot of websites and apps that we can access. We can freely do many things on the internet, such as send messages, video chat, edit videos, stream movies, play games, and more.

But whatever we do on the internet remains public for the most part, especially if we don’t use VPN apps. If you value your data and privacy, then download Bunny VPN now and enjoy total protection.

bunny vpn pro apk

There are so many websites and apps that people can freely access today. With this app, you can stay protected at all times as other people won’t be able to see your real IP address.

You can use a proxy server so you can safely direct your traffic to other servers today. With this app, you can also enjoy unblocking websites and apps that you usually can’t access. There are also extra features like Game Speed Boost and many more!

Free Online Protection

We’re free to do anything we want on the internet nowadays. There are so many available websites and apps that we can access anytime, such as games, streaming sites, and more. With so many things we can do on the internet, many users spend the majority of their time online.

But without the protection that VPN apps offer, they’re leaving themselves highly vulnerable. Many people are exploiting our internet history, data, and even files if we’re not careful. That’s why you should download Bunny VPN!

bunny vpn apk download

With this app, you’re able to protect your internet browsing history from attackers trying to exploit it. You can connect to a proxy server that will allow you to hide your real IP address.

Then, you can freely browse as you want, thanks to the high-speed connections you can enjoy here. Plus, you can gain access to customarily blocked websites and apps as you can select different server regions. With this app, you’re also able to enjoy other extra features like Game Speed Boost.

When you download this app, you’re free to connect to different servers available worldwide!

Bunny VPN Highlights

We do so many things online today, so it’s essential to download Bunny VPN now!

bunny vpn apk for pc

Total protection – We’re enjoying complete freedom today, thanks to the internet. We’re able to access so many websites and apps today through the internet that’s available worldwide. But as much as the internet is a blessing, sometimes it can be a curse when people exploit us.

If you want to avoid any such situation today, you must download Bunny VPN today as this app protects your data and privacy! This is a free VPN app which means you can download it for any device today.

With this app, you can enjoy so many websites and apps that you can access without worries. Now, you don’t need to spend anything just to be protected from scammers and attackers online. The app lets you enjoy over 1,000 VPN servers which will protect your real IP address.

You can then connect to other regions so you can access blocked content on your area anytime you want. With this app, you can also get a Game Speed Boost to ensure that you won’t experience any lags!

bunny vpn mod apk download

Various servers worldwide – If you enjoy using the internet today, you must have a protection app like Bunny VPN. This app lets you access over a thousand servers worldwide which will keep your actual IP address safe.

Here, you can enjoy different servers in over 30 countries like the USA, India, Australia, South Korea, Japan, Canada, United Kingdom, and more. Whatever region you need to connect to, you can be assured that you’ll find it here. If not, you can use other servers!

Game Speed Boost – We need to stay connected to the app at all times to be protected. But if you’re playing online mobile games, then having a VPN may slow down your connection. But you don’t need to worry about that with Bunny VPN, as it has a Game Speed Boost function.

rabbit vpn pro apk

This feature lets you enjoy low-ping servers and high-speed connections so you can keep gaming without limits. The app boosts your network speed so you can game while not having to worry about your privacy and data.

Access blocked sites – With Bunny VPN, you can also access blocked websites and apps quickly. You need to connect to any other country server than your own to access them.


Staying connected online has never been more reassuring with Bunny VPN! Download it now and get total protection.

Download Bunny VPN [14 MB]


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