Bonelab APK v1818

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Download Bonelab APK and enjoy playing this virtual reality action game. If you enjoyed playing Boneworks, you’d definitely love this sequel with improved physics.

Bonelab APK v1818
Name Bonelab
Compatible with Android 5.0+
Last version v1818
Size 5.4 GB
Category Action
Developer Stress Level Zero
Price Free

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Description of Bonelab APK

Bonelab APK is the sequel to the popular first-person shooter game Boneworks. Boneworks was released in 2019, and it soon became one of the most played virtual reality games in the world. The game is based on pure physics, and with its intriguing gameplay, this caught the eye of many players, and the game grew an extensive fan base. People enjoyed playing this game so much that it caused a big uproar when it was announced that there would be a sequel in Bonelab APK.

bonelab apk download

Bonelab APK was then released, and to no one’s surprise, it became a top-rated game in the virtual reality gaming world. This game is limited to specific platforms, and recently, the only supported platform is Quest 2, but recently, the Bonelab APK for Android was released. Note that play this game better, stable internet connectivity is required.

In this game, you play as a misfit that has been given the death penalty and manages to escape it. While playing, you’ll find yourself inside s laboratory in a creepy city named MythOS. You have to find a way to exit the lab, and in each level, you face different enemies and puzzles. As previously said, the game is based on pure physics, so your character is allowed to interact with other objects and also enemies as you advance through the laboratory.

The Bonelab APK free download is available on different platforms, and once you install it, you can start playing and enjoying it. The game was first released on the 29th of September, 2022, and Stress level zero developed it. Since it contains a certain level of violence, strong language, and sensitive scenes, it is not a game that should be played by children and was rated 16+.

If you haven’t played Boneworks and start playing Bonelab APK immediately, it will be hard to get used to playing it as it has complex gameplay but as you progress and advance in the game, you will get used to it and start playing with ease.

bonelab apk for android

Enjoy a better experience while playing this game with better features and fixes. Keep upgrading to the Bonelab APK latest version as the makers are constantly upgrading it and trying to give users the best.

Gameplay and concept of Bonelab APK

Bonelab APK is an exciting game and has a compelling story. You take control of a misfit sentenced to death, and your main task is to escape from a laboratory. On your journey away from the lab, you will be tasked with facing different opponents and challenging puzzles that will make your quest much harder.

This game is a single-player action game where you are allowed to create a character. The game allows custom character importing, enabling players to play through the game, appearing however they want. Their physical abilities are also determined by their appearances.

The physics system in this game is very advanced, and players are allowed to interact with practically everything around them. This makes engaging with the game world very interesting as there are different activities you can discover when you interact more.

The combat system is something fascinating as well. Bonelab APK has various attacks and combos that make fighting enjoyable. Mix up multiple ranged, close combat, and melee attacks. Different weapons can be used when fighting with your enemies. Apart from fighting, there are also numerous armors in the game, which makes facing attacks from opponents less effective.

bonelab apk free download

Bonelab APK also has a vast game world, with different locations that impact your game progress. Some locations include obstacle courses, sandboxes, arenas, and other exciting locations. In these places, you can find different items, clues, characters, and more that will impact the game's progress.

The game has mature-rated content, and it is not a game that children should play. There is a lot of violence in this game as the fights between your character and enemies are bloody, and weapons like guns and other firearms are used. In this game, you are allowed to cause harm and kill your enemies, and the same can be done to you.

The visual system in this game can be termed as impeccable as it has a very realistic layout of the game with perfect drawings and excellent illustrations of both your characters, enemies, and robots in his game. It also has an ideal sound system with impressive sound effects, which gives players the feel like they’re actually inside the game.

There is so much that you can enjoy when you play this game. The Bonelab APK download is available on your android device

Bonelab APK Features

There are different game features that you can look out for when you play this game. Some of them include:

bonelab apk latest version
  • Nice storyline and gameplay:

This game has a fascinating storyline that follows the previous Bonework game. Users find the storyline very exciting, and with the intriguing gameplay, players love playing this game.

  • Custom avatar:

Edit your character to appear however you want them to. You can enjoy customizing your avatars to your taste because the game allows avatar importing. Edit your character by equipping different items and objects, making your gaming experience more accessible.

  • Physics system:

Bonelab APK runs on a new and improved physics system so the game can appear as realistic as ever. With this physics system, you can interact with practically everything in the game world.

  • Mature content:

Mature people can only play this game as it contains various forms of intense violence and blood and gore themes. Players are allowed to kill and can also be killed. The gameplay of this game will be seen as too sensitive for younger ages.

bonelab apk
  • Graphic and sound system:

The game has an excellent graphic system with good designs and lovely illustrations. The look of this video game is very appealing to the eyes of the players. Apart from that, it also has a perfect sound system.


Bonelab APK is an exciting game with a great storyline and fascinating gameplay. With different activities and different locations to visit, you will always be kept engaged while playing this game.

Download Bonelab [5.4 GB]


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