Survivor In Rainbow Monster APK 1.4.7

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Download Survivor in Rainbow Monster APK and have fun playing this action game. Use different power ups to survive five nights against the rainbow monsters.

Survivor In Rainbow Monster APK 1.4.7
Name Survivor In Rainbow Monster
Compatible with Android 4.4+
Last version 1.4.7
Size 105.08 Mb
Category Action
Developer Great Arcade Games
Price Free
Google Play Link

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An In-depth Description of Survivor in Rainbow Monster APK

Survivor in Rainbow Monster APK is an action filled arcade game where you play the role of a kidnapped child that has been taken to an abandoned amusement park named spooky park.

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The Survivor in Rainbow Monster APK android game has fascinating gameplay with an intriguing storyline. As soon as you are kidnapped, you start your battle for survival in the spooky park. You’re meant to survive five nights in an empty park and endure against different monsters.

Not long after its release, this game has become very popular in the mobile gaming world, with millions of downloads and many gamers playing it. Download the Survivor in Rainbow Monster APK latest version and join in on the fun.

This game was released on the 12th of October, 2022, and Great Arcade Games published it. Mostly everyone can make the Survivor in Rainbow Monster APK download as there are barely any restrictions and the game only contains a mild amount of fantasy violence.

The game is easy to understand, and operations that aren’t complex. People can start playing the game today and easily understand the controls. The gameplay is intuitive, and the controls are on the screen on a virtual joystick. It is used to navigate and perform other actions.

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This is an exhilarating game, and there is so much fun, so you’ll never get tired of playing this game. You can easily install this game because it is free, so what are you waiting for? The Survivor in Rainbow Monster APK free download can be made here.

Gameplay and Concept of Survivor in Rainbow Monster APK

Playing this game is fun and it has an excellent gameplay. Your main task in this game is to survive in a world full of different colorful monsters, while dodging annoying obstacles and solving complex puzzles.

In this game, you play the role of a child stuck in an amusement park and you’re meant to find a way to endure five nights in the same arena as these monsters and escape the park. While playing this game, players are constantly kept on their toes as the monsters always move around searching for them. Each night, you face different tasks, and there is a particular challenge you must meet in each one. So, the best thing that you can do is develop a good strategy that you can use to outsmart these monsters.

When you start playing the game, you’ll realize that each level has its unique puzzle you’re meant to solve, and it starts easy, but as you advance, it gets more challenging and more complicated. Each level brings a whole new complex area you run through, and different annoying obstacles will give you a more challenging gaming experience.

But the cool part is that you are rewarded with bonuses that can be used to develop your character by leveling up and unlocking new power-ups. Utilizing these power-ups will make playing the game easier for you. One of the valuable features of the Survivor in Rainbow Monster APK is that it comes with unlimited money. This is very useful to players as they can conveniently purchase all the items and upgrades from the store and make their characters stronger.

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In the game, you will come up against different monsters, each with unique strengths and abilities, making them harder opponents to defeat. The monsters in this game are all differentiated by their colors, and they all have scary appearances.

The visual system in this game can be termed as simple, with clear, vivid animations.  The characters, monsters, and environment are all pictured on a two-dimensional platform, and they’re all well-drawn. With the use of cool colors, the game's entire look is lovely to the eyes of players. The sound system is also very nice, as it promotes fear while you’re playing. With the noises from the monsters and the sounds from the characters moving, you will be kept on the edge.

If you’re looking for a game to play when you’re bored, this is the perfect game for you. With its intriguing gameplay and storyline, players will fall in love with this game as soon as they play.

Survivor in Rainbow Monster APK Game Features

This game has so many features. Some of them are:

  • Survive Five nights:

This game has exciting gameplay where you must endure five nights in an arena with different monsters. Each night has various obstacles and challenges waiting for you, and to pass each one, you’re meant to solve puzzles and fund the best way to escape from the monsters.

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  • Different monsters:

There are different monsters in this game, each of which has unique abilities and strengths. As you advance in the game, you will face new ones and discover each of their abilities. There is a green, blue, orange, and purple colored monster.

  • Unlimited money:

Survivor in Rainbow Monster APK has a feature where you are given access to an unlimited amount of cash, and you can use these funds to purchase different upgrades and items from the shop. This modification allows you to develop your character as much as you want and gives you a better gaming experience.

  • Graphics:

The game has horror-themed graphics and thrills players as they find an escape route away from the monsters. The characters, demons, and the entire environment are all well drawn and are very appealing to the eyes of players.

  • Audio system:

Apart from the good visual system, the sound system in this game is also excellent and fits the entire aesthetic of the game. The sounds of the monsters as they navigate around the arena, and also the sound effects that come from when your character is very thrilling and will keep players on their toes.

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Survivor in Rainbow Monster APK is an entertaining game to play, and players always have to find good strategies to evade the monsters and survive the five nights so they are always kept engaged. This is a fantastic game to play when you’re bored, and it has an excellent graphic and visual system.

Download Survivor In Rainbow Monster [105.08 Mb]


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