Beat Beast APK 0.2

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Dowoad Beat Beast APK if you're a lover of rock or EDM music. You will have access to play as a DJ and combine popular rock beats. This is a must-have app.

Beat Beast APK 0.2
Name Beat Beast
Compatible with Android 4.1+
Last version 0.2
Size 28.4 MB
Category Music
Developer Born Again Games
Price Free
Google Play Link com.bag.beatbeast.beatswiper.blade

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A Detailed Description of Beat Beast APK

Do you love rock music or EDM? Best Beast APK is a great game to explore several rock songs you love. This game features a unique set-up studio with an excellent user interface where you can explore its equipment. Best beast APK has various kinds of rock music, EDM and electronic songs.

beast beat apk

As the user, you will decide the rhythm of the songs you want and the song's flow. Asides from that, the rock playlists are often updated to offer premium songs and new EDM tracks. This game will immerse you in the unique gameplay of mixing beats to make it sound better. You will be able to unlock different songs in this game. This is super interesting and fun to do.

Asides from mixing beats beat beast APK android has a mix of games in its gameplay where you will drag shapes to match the shape given in the interface, forming beats and rhythm to your selected song. As the shapes are matched, you will make awesome beats to keep the show going as a great DJ. This game was recently launched, and since its launch, it has attracted people to it.

Born Again Games developed and published this game, and as of now, it has over 100 downloads on google play. Anyone can use this application. Join other rock music lovers in using this application with its many features.

beast beat apk android

Unique Gameplay of Beat Beast APK

In this game, you will play as a DJ with an audience of rock music lovers. You will select beats and rhythms to play for the audience. Note that you have control of the music in your hands; therefore, you can explore it as much as you want.

You must concentrate on making the best beat for songs as the shapes are coming and ensure you align them with the shoes provided. This might look challenging, but it is fun and gives off a relaxing gaming experience. You can take time to practice as a DJ and improve your skills.

Best beast APK for Android is an interesting game to explore with its many music features. The Best Beast APK latest version has upgraded all old version features with more attractive graphics and music content to enjoy daily. Join other users to enjoy this game. Download this game to explore its features as a music lover. You can get the Beat Beast APK download on our website.

Features of Beat Beast APK

Below are the interesting features of Best Beast APK;

beast beat apk download

Simple and intuitive controls

Best Beast APK game has simple drag-and-drop controls that make you experience a DJ life like a rockstar. You are always provided with shapes to align with the existing ones; the shoes are placed in a way that they move and align according to your direction and movement.

These controls increase the rockstar experience and help you improve your skills.

Accessible and beautiful interface

This is an interesting feature you will enjoy in this game. Beat Beast APK is easy to use and navigate. In addition, the interface is beautiful, making you enjoy your experience as you align shapes and make beats. With the interface, you can easily switch modes and make beats for songs. This is super amazing as it immerses you in the gameplay.

Enjoy the popular rock music

As a top application for rock music lovers, you will enjoy an updated playlist of rock songs. When you open the app daily, you will have new tracks and challenges to explore.

beast beat apk for android

In addition to this, the games are completely free and enjoyable while creating your beat. The variety of songs in this app makes it interesting to use for gamers.

Play with friends

You can not be bored in this game; you can make a friendly competition between your friends who love music and you guys will have fun making beats together. With this feature, you can learn from your friends, and they learn from you as well.

When you play with friends or challenge them, ensure that you make a nice beat to come up first with your friends. Match the shoes accurately, make the beat enjoyable to the ears and voila, you will become the top winner.

Nice visuals

As you play new tracks or songs in this game, you will enjoy its beautiful visuals. This feature alone attracts players worldwide to the game. The visuals are pleasing and give off an immersive experience.

The song movements are thrilling and make you want to explore more beats in the game

beast beat apk free download

A relaxing game

This might seem unrelated, but Beat Beast APK is a relaxing game to play during leisure or to ease stress. You can use the Beat Beast APK free download link below to download the game and explore the relaxing game.


This is an entertaining game to play to develop your skills as a music lover or a DJ. Join other users worldwide to use this application.

Download Beat Beast [28.4 MB]


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