Project Sekai APK 2.6.5

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Project Sekai APK download is the ultimate rhythm game that allows you to enjoy real-time virtual shows! It has rich music collection and colorful graphics.

Project Sekai APK  2.6.5
Name Project Sekai
Compatible with Android 5.0+
Last version 2.6.5
Size 120.58 Mb
Category Music
Price Free
Google Play Link com.sega.ColorfulStage.en

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In-Depth Insights on Project Sekai APK Android

Project Sekai APK global is a music app by SEGA Corporation. It is designed to rejuvenate your moods and entertain you endlessly.

project sekai apk download

Its dynamic music and real-time dances will leave you asking for more. The developer integrated high-quality graphics that give a near-real experience. You will feel like you’re right in the middle of a live concert.

The application is only 75M and works optimally with all Android 6.0 and above devices. It is optimized to ensure a buffer-free gaming experience.

Project Sekai APK - Background Story

This game is for music lovers out to use their emotions to unlock amazing stories. It begins with an untitled, mysterious song with no lyrics or melodies.

It is passed among several youths in Shibuya, Tokyo. Their primary aim is to search for the missing pieces of the mystery and unlock the revolutionary song.

Their journey leads them to many places where they ultimately discover that there is much more than just a simple song. The ultimate place will be SEKAI.

In SEKAI, you will have the power to discover your true emotions and use them to produce the most beautiful music in the world. You will also attend live virtual concerts and interact with other music lovers.

project sekai apk english

Overall, Project Sekai is a fun and engaging rhythm game that helps you find your happiest moments. Meet Hatsune Miku and her friends!

An Immersive Gameplay

Project Sekai APK download comes with Japanese techno and simply irresistible house music. The rhythms are perfectly in sync, meaning you can enjoy seamless gameplay.

Moreover, the beats of its songs run smoothly on your device with just a flow that keeps you moving forward. The controls are also user-friendly and quite straightforward. You can custom design your avatar to match your favorite character's look.

You can also interact with other players in real-time as you try to beat their high scores. If you love music and rhythm, this is one game you must not miss.

Team Up with Hatsune Miku

Hatsune Miku will let you into her latest mobile rhythm game. This outstanding character will help you experience the best of live concerts and real-time music.

You can also create and share your original songs using Hatsune Miku’s Vocaloid engine. This way, you get to show off your creative side to the whole world.

project sekai apk global

Additionally, you can join Hatsune Miku on her quest to solve problems using music. Be a part of her team, and you might find the answer to numerous problems bedeviling the globe!

Unique Features of Project Sekai APK

  • 5 Difficulty Levels. This game has five difficulty settings for you to explore. Whether you're a first-timer or a seasoned user, there's a level that suits your skillset.
  • Simple Controls. To play this game, tap, hold & flick to your favorite rhythm. The simplistic controls allow you to concentrate on the music and gameplay.
  • A Rich Cast of Characters. This game has an ensemble of famous characters that you can use to customize your avatar. They come with fully voiced story characters. This feature allows top-notch personalization.
  • Play Solo or Form a Team. You can choose to play solo or form a team with other players. Either way, you will enjoy the power of music and rhythm as you solve problems. You can choose up to four friends to share your gaming experiences and form a synergistic team.
  • High-Level Customization Options. This game allows you to collect character cards and use them to customize your team. You can also use the card game system to power up your characters. Dress your characters in the latest fashions and make them stand out.
  • Regular Events and Live Concerts. This game holds regular events that you can join to further your love for music. You will also get to attend live concerts within the game. These feature famous Japanese and international artists that you can virtually interact with.
project sekai apk mod
  • Outstanding Visuals and Effects. This game comes with excellent graphics that make it quite captivating. The animations are quite realistic, and the overall gaming experience is pretty immersive.
  • Unlock Sophisticated Skills. As you keep playing, you will earn experience points to help you unlock skills. Ensure that your characters have a perfect mix of skills to take on different challenges.
  • Affordable In-App Purchases. This game has in-app purchases that are easy to access. Its microtransactions allow you to unlock rare items and characters with a single payment. They range from $1.99 to $99.99.

Epic 3D Videos

SEGA Corporation used top-notch 3D videos to produce this game. The result is captivating and quite realistic gameplay that will wow you.

Everything about the music & the video is world-class. From the beats to the lyrics, you will enjoy an unforgettable experience. You can be sure of a high level of entertainment with well-coordinated beats.

project sekai apk

You can get the Project Sekai APK English or Project Sekai APK Japanese. This language diversity means that you can play the game in a language you understand.

Project Sekai APK

This improved version of the game comes with features. They include:

  • Unlimited Money. You will have access to all the resources you need for epic gameplay. Gamers always want fast progress, and this makes it happen.
  • Unlimited Stamina. This is one of the most crucial resources in the game; you would want enough stamina to keep playing without interruption! With this you can continue playing nonstop until you reach your pinnacle.
  • No ads. Ads can be quite annoying, especially when you're in the zone. This ensures that you don't get interrupted by any ads while playing.


This is an excellent game that provides a perfect way to relieve stress and have some fun. It has a wide collection of music, and you can keep playing as long as you want.

You will also customize your characters and form a team with friends to take on epic challenges. Lastly, you can use attractive in-app purchases to access premium items fast!

Download Project Sekai [120.58 Mb]
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