Beat Fire APK 1.4.09

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Download Beat Fire APK – latest version – for Android to make EDM music be shooting the tiles as they fall. Very fun and addictive game with music.

Beat Fire APK 1.4.09
Name Beat Fire
Compatible with Android 4.1+
Last version 1.4.09
Size 47.72 Mb
Category Music
Developer Adaric Music
Price Free
Google Play Link beatmaker.edm.musicgames.gunsounds

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If you’re a fan of EDM music, then Beat Fire APK is the game for you. It’s both a fun and simple game to play and it’s full of EDM music. The point of the game is very simple – you shoot the tiles as they fall in the right order, sort of like guitar hero. As you shoot the tiles, you’ll make EDM sounds and gun sounds which combine into an awesome song.


The game is so simple and addictive that it’s just ideal for anyone who is bored and looking for a way to entertain themselves. It’s an ideal game to play while commuting to work or sitting through a long trip – just make sure that you’ve got some headphones on while you’re playing it!

The game’s mechanics are simple enough for anyone to play it, and it’s totally appropriate for younger players as well as adults. If you’re looking for a way to keep yourself entertained for those long and arduous trips, then this is certainly a great way to go.

Simple and addictive EDM game

When it comes to games that kill boredom, there are some that just stand out way more than others. The simpler ones have a tendency to capture the attention more than those complex puzzle games. It’s the games with easy going graphics, a simple concept at heart, and fun a repetitive gameplay that gradually scales in difficulty.


This is what Beat Fire - EDM Music & Gun Sounds apk achieves. The game is played similar to games like Guitar Hero, where you have to hit the right notes as they pass through the screen. The difference is that you don’t have a guitar – rather, you have a gun. And it’s not a silent one.

The gun is an integral part of the EDM music. The gun sounds combine with the sounds that are made when you shoot the tiles and end up making an even better EDM song. In this way, you get two birds with one stone: a game to play to keep you entertained, and some music to keep your ears busy.

There aren’t many games out there with a soundtrack that will actually double up as the music you’d choose to listen to anyway. Beat Fire is one of those games, so it’s worth taking the time to challenge yourself into the higher levels and get an even wider variety of songs to create along the way.


How to play Beat Fire EDM APK

The simple way to play this game is to use your finger in a rhythm to hit the tiles as they fall. By tapping the tile, you’ll shoot it. It’s essentially just a simple arcade-style game and you actually have an arcade gun on the screen shooting the tiles.

There isn’t much in the way of specific tips and tricks when it comes to playing Beat Fire – it’s basically just a simple and repetitive style of gameplay that requires good reactions. The more you play it, the better at it you’ll become. Practice makes perfect, and the best way to advance through the increasingly difficult levels in this game is to keep playing it until you can listen to your music without messing it up!

Beat Fire EDM APK

If you want to make the game more interesting, then download the unlimited Coins for Beat Fire apk so that you can buy all the coolest weapons and have more fun shooting the EDM tiles.

Download Beat Fire [47.72 Mb]


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