Beat Shooter APK 2.2.9

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Use your fully-automatic rifle to shoot the targets before they hit the ground. Firing along with the beat, download Beat Shooter APK for Android to play now!

Beat Shooter APK 2.2.9
Name Beat Shooter
Compatible with Android 5.0+
Last version 2.2.9
Size 85.56 Mb
Category Music
Developer Badsnowball Limited
Price Free
Google Play Link

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Control an automatic rifle and shoot down your targets along to the beat of the music. Don’t let too many of them hit the ground, otherwise it spells a “game over”. Download Beat Shooter for Android.

Beat Shooter Mod APK

Here we have a perfect game for many different occasions. En route to a destination via transportation, like a car ride, airplane, or train? Then, you’ll get 2 amazing elements to keep yourself distracted. One would be the immersive and action-oriented gunplay. Two, the amazing music that plays and compliments the former.

Beat Shooter APK Latest Version

Music brings any moment to life, and adding addicting gameplay to accompany makes the moment that much more ethereal. Great gameplay, simple graphics, and hot and classic music are all presented with Beat Shooter. Go ahead and download one of the top music rhythm games available for Android. It is the first of its kind after all.

Collect Different Skins, Guns & Music

Continuing to succeed in each level will reward you with coins and experience. Furthermore, these two will have different applications depending on what you want. You can use your collected coins to purchase new songs to play. Likewise, your experience you gain goes towards the unlock of new guns and skins to use. Additionally, you can just watch a few ads in order to unlock your favorite songs much faster.

Unlocking Beat Shooter VIP

Beat Shooter APK Free Download

However, not every song, skin, and gun can be unlocked through these means. The only way to unlock all content in Beat Shooter is through the purchase of a VIP subscription. This includes access to guns like the Glock – Secrete and Golden AK.

This quite unfortunate, as the subscription isn’t cheap at all. The pricing of Beat Shooter VIP comes at a VERY unreasonable price of $7.99 per week. Only an absolute madman would spend that kind of money for a music game. Otherwise, they’re someone who has completely no regard for the value of money.

Beat Shooter APK Free Download

The Beat Shooter Game APK should solve this either. Sadly, the best that be offered is an unlimited supply of money/coins. This way, you’ll be able to purchase all of the accessible content much more quickly.

Beat Shooter For Android

Besides this, there isn’t a clear way to have VIP privileges, besides a subscription. So, if you’re willing to settle, just download the Beat Shooter APK file from our website.

Download Beat Shooter [85.56 Mb]


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