Baseball 9 Mod APK 3.6.0 (MOD, Unlimited Money)

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Download Baseball 9 MOD APK – Latest version – Free for Android and play one of the best 3D baseball games on mobile phones! Enjoy realistic baseball gameplay now!

Baseball 9 Mod APK 3.6.0 (MOD, Unlimited Money)
Name Baseball 9
Compatible with Android 4.0+
Last version 3.6.0
Size 247.55 Mb
Category Sports
Developer playus soft
Price Free
Google Play Link

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Baseball has always been one of the most popular sports around. They are action-packed, complex, and very enjoyable especially for baseball fans. That’s why there are a lot of baseball games nowadays. But one quick look at the market and you’ll see some subpar baseball games everywhere. But if you want a high-quality baseball game, you’ll love this one!


Baseball 9 is a game developed by Playus Soft which has already over 10 million downloads in Google Play Store! In this game, you’ll find the realistic graphics, cute characters, and the entertaining game super fun. Aside from that, there are plenty of challenges around the corner which will lit up your competitive spirit. If you’re a baseball fan, this is one of the games you shouldn’t miss! Read on to learn more!

What is Baseball 9?

Baseball has always been a very fast-paced, action-packed and a very enjoyable gaming experience. There are a lot to love in baseball games that’s why plenty of developers have attempted to create the perfect game that fans will rave around! But there aren’t a lot of games out there that quite captures the baseball spirit in them.


However, Baseball 9 is a different story! This epic baseball game has all the makings of a successful one. In here, you’ll have the complete baseball experience. There’s not just the normal batting game that you’ll see around. In here, you’ll bat as well as pitch! You don’t need to worry about anything else though as that is automatic. But in this game, pitching is a challenging task as you need to hit them perfectly. The same is true in batting as it becomes harder and harder. But overall, this is a pretty fun sports game for you to try! Read on if you’re curious.

Features of Baseball 9

Baseball 9 isn’t your typical baseball game that’s incomplete. In this one, you’ll have the overall baseball experience complete from pitching to batting! Here are its features:

Gameplay – Baseball is a popular sport worldwide. It’s one of the most celebrated sports especially in America where the Major League is hosted. But despite that, few mobile baseball games have ever truly captured the spirit of the game. One of them is Baseball 9. In this game, you will have the complete baseball experience from pitching to batting! Aside from that, there are plenty of things to love in this game. Such as the eye-candy graphics, cute players, and an excellent roster system. Nothing in this game is too difficult nor too easy. It’s just perfect for baseball fans!


Develop your roster – In this game, you need to recruit players to your team. Each player has their own stats that makes them valuable or not to the team. But you can always raise their stats depending on your choice. You can also equip and upgrade skills to develop them into specialists. You can turn ordinary players into hall of famers with dedication and constant practice!

Customize – Aside from the above, you can also rename the players. You can also choose if they’re going to be right-handed or left-handed batters. Customize their faces, body types, and change their pitching and batting motions to display their uniqueness. You can also equip them some different kinds of bats, gloves, and glasses to show personality.

High-quality graphics – Baseball 9 makes excellent use of 3D graphics to showcase the spirit of baseball. In this game, the cute characters take the icing on the cake. Then, the animation and the effects all add to the beauty of the game.


Challenging controls – In this game, you need to control your aim if you want to bat and pitch perfectly. This is easier said than done but it can be perfected through constant practice.

Baseball 9 MOD APK

Baseball 9 is an epic baseball game that will challenge your limits! Download the unlimited money not to turn your players into prodigies!

Download Baseball 9 [247.55 Mb]
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