Back Alley Tales Mod APK 2.0 (Unlimited Diamond)

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Fond of playing detective games? Then Back Alley Tales MOD APK is one of those games designed for you. Download the Back Alley Tale MOD APK latest version now!

Back Alley Tales Mod APK 2.0 (Unlimited Diamond)
Name Back Alley Tales
Compatible with Android 5.0+
Last version 2.0
Size 120 MB
Category Role Playing
Developer Backalley
Price Free

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Back Alley Tales MOD APK | A Crime Scene Detective Game Play

If you are a person who loves playing spy games then Back Alley Tales MOD APK is made for you. This game consists of some unique features. In this game, you will be acting as a security guard who is a watcher watching all the CCTV footage.

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The game starts in a way where the player acts as a security guard. Here when doing his job whenever he gets bored he watches prerecorded videos of the CCTV cameras.

Technically, the game becomes intense when you start watching the pre-recorded footage and now you are asked to make some quick decisions so that you can move to the next level.

Back Alley Tales MOD APK is a 4k+ pixels animation game that is created on live 2D animation. The developer did really hard work in developing this game where you can enjoy 12 amazing locations.

When you start playing this you will see how many interesting features this game got for you and how each location is crafted with live 2D experiences.

Exciting Features of the game Back Alley Takes MOD APK

Every game comes up with some kind of features and here are the features of the game which you will experience before you start playing Back Alley Tales MOD APK Android:

1.    Adventurous Gameplay:

As the Back Alley Tales MOD APK's latest version rotates around the gameplay of spy and crime time. Here when you start playing the game you will start feeling as if you are the real detective and is there who is protecting people's life.

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You will be asked to watch the videos of the crime scene which contain very heart-wrenching scenes. After this, you will be having a location and you need to solve the mystery of the crime scene. Through this, you will observe yourself acting as a spy or detective.

2.    Free Rewards:

Whenever you start playing a game you need to see what you are getting after winning a certain level.

In Back Alley Tales MOD APK for Android, you will be getting an unlimited number of diamonds that can be easily used for buying tools and other supporting items.

These supporting items consist of CCTV cameras, computers, and other upgraded things.

3.    Interesting Environment design:

The entire game is designed on a 2D plane that is it gives the effect of live 2D. So, if you are looking for a game where you want to enjoy a real-life environment and are also not fond of 3D effects of visuals then Back Alley Tales  MOD APK is one of the games that will fit all your interests.

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4.    Simple Animation:

The Back Alley Tales MOD APK's latest version consists of different modes. You will see that there are 12 basic modes available which comprise 50 short animations. Here you will also find some of the female game characters whom to need to keep happy.

5.    Access Different events:

The games consist of different events and you can get access to all as well. If you are looking to get access to all the events then you need to work on your skills. Because it can only be unlocked once you are good at playing the game that is how efficient you are in it.

6.    Different characters Different stories:

The game rotates around 4 female characters and four different stores. You need to play carefully while watching the stories. The player can use screen effects so that you can game plays closely and easily watch your characters closely.

Useful tips for a feature of Back Alley Tales MOD APK:

Well, to master the game and unlock different awards and rewards we are here to help you out with some of the best tips. Let’s learn these amazing game tips:

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  1. As the game Back Alley Tales MOD APK is completely based on different challenges and you need to solve different mysteries. The experts recommend you be focused and persistent.
  2. While solving the different crime scenarios you will be tracking down girls too in the city who will be involved in some kind of interesting activities. Find those girls and practice the game to become an expert.
  3. Every place in the game consists of some hidden places and messages inside it. For this, you need to use the zoom feature to find those clues in the dark environment.
  4. Questioning will help you a lot in solving the mysteries. When you start playing the game try to ask as many questions as you want.

This will help you in unhiding different places and finding more clues about the crime scenes.

back alley tables windows
  1. There are some common patterns and trends available in every criminal story. Watch out for those and this will also help you in tracking down the girl's activities and watch they are doing.
  2. Look out for any possible danger in your surroundings that you need to avoid. The danger can come in unfortunate incidents so you better play carefully.
  3. Play as a team player! Learn different skills and expertise from your team. This will help you in gaining skills strength and expertise to solve some of the challenging cases.


Back Alley Tales MOD APK's latest version is a complete role-playing game where you will be acting as a detective and solving the mystery. If you are fond of such kind of game then Back Alley Tales MOD APK for android is the right game.

Download Back Alley Tales [120 MB]
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