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Download Apk Latest Version Free for Android to toss different axes. You'd throw them as if your life depends on it. APK 2.8.6
Compatible with Android 4.4+
Last version 2.8.6
Size 122.37 Mb
Category Action
Price Free
Google Play Link com.yuriychechulin.throwio

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This is a free fighting game from Casual Azur Games. At first, the appearance of this game was strange, especially for mobile gamers. However, it has left most of these players with pleasant impressions about the game. This is because of its simple and exciting gameplay. is also a survival game, and the last surviving player is the winner of the game.


One interesting thing about the game is that it is not heaver, especially with its storyline. Therefore, you can play the game at your convenience without worrying about completing different tasks. This game is available for download on most Android devices. What's amazing is that the app won't consume much space on your device.

Therefore, you can easily download to experience its simple gameplay. Download the game for the best experience on your mobile device.

Unique Things About the Game

There are so many things that'd catch your fancy in this game. Enjoy the bright colors of this game as well as the stunning 3D graphics. It is important to note that the color combination of the game is just perfect. This is one of the few games on the internet in which unpleasant colors are controlled. Therefore, you can be sure to enjoy complete color harmony in this game.

axesio-mod-apk has so many amazing features, and this is to ensure that players stay focused on the game. Another thing you'd like in this game is the weapons and characters. When you play this game, you will notice that the game's main elements are meticulously cared for. There are so many weapons and styles for the axes in this game.

There are different levels to reach in this game, and each level has new upgrades for your weapons. also has other interesting factors that'd make it more interesting and accessible for you. This is in addition to its simple gameplay. It is worth mentioning that the game can be played by gamers of any age.


It is worth mentioning that you can play this game online and offline. This is a major advantage of the game, especially since a stable internet connection is not required. Download this game without hesitation on your mobile device. Apk Free Download

There are better ways to enjoy this game on your mobile device. One of these ways is by installing the apk. With apk, you can enjoy free shopping and unlimited money. It is worth noting that you can spend this money as you like.


Another thing to note is that if you don't find any money in the, just re-enter the game. Download the apk for free now.


Download the latest version of on your mobile device for the best gaming experience.

Download [122.37 Mb]


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