ASMR Slicing APK

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Download ASMR Slicing APK - latest version - free for Android to relax while slicing all sorts of different objects, a new wave of internet sensation.

ASMR Slicing APK
Name ASMR Slicing
Compatible with Android 4.4+
Last version
Size 159.99 Mb
Category Simulation
Developer Crazy Labs by TabTale
Price Free
Google Play Link com.crazylabs.asmr.cut

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ASMR has taken the internet world by storm, and ASMR Slicing is a game that recreates this internet sensation which you can play on your phone. Autonomous sensory meridian response, or ASMR, is the relaxing sensation which can be earned from sounds and kinetic movements. Usually this involves sounds, with specific and expensive microphone set-ups, but it can also be generated through slicing, movement and other sound-generating acts. This ASMR Slicing game lets you take control and slice through all sorts of different materials, with high-quality sound engineering to make it feel as real as possible.


Let’s face it - the graphics in ASMR Slicing are quite poor, but it’s not about how the game looks, but about how it sounds. ASMR sends tingles down your spine all because of the audio receptors in your ears and how that impacts your brain. If you play this game with headphones, which you absolutely have to, you will start to experience those similar sensations. Work your way through lots of different levels with no challenges at all, as this is not a game designed to make you work hard. This is meant to be relaxing and interesting, as you slowly slice through all sorts of different objects to find out the sound they make. Easy!

Best Features of ASMR Slicing

Like we mentioned, there isn’t much of a game here. There’s no challenge, really. You are given an object to slice through with a knife and then you slice through it. Each level has a different object that makes a different sound. You level up by just completing each level - there are no puzzles or anything that difficult about it. This game is designed to be relaxing rather than challenging, so it means just about anyone can play it with its easy controls and very simple graphics.


Different Objects, Kinetic Sand and More

You’ve probably seen these videos online, whether it’s on YouTube or some other social media. Lots of different objects are cut up with a knife, sometimes made of kinetic sand, which is essentially magnetic sand. This means it stays together much better than regular sand and is really satisfying when you slice through it. People make sand sculptures of all sorts of things and then cut them up on camera with high-quality microphones so you can hear the crackle and crunch of the knife slicing through the sand. It’s very satisfying!

Globes, Oceans, Mountains, Footballs

There are dozens and dozens of different levels in ASMR Slicing and each has a unique object waiting to be sliced through. The sand falls in different ways according to each shape, although the sounds are quite similar for all of them. Every object gives you a different feeling of satisfaction, and you can even go back and slice through the same objects over and over again if you like how one works. As we said, there are no puzzles, so it’s up to you how you progress through the game. Take your time, or slice super fast, it’s your choice.


Haptic Feedback, Best With Headphones

You will 100% have to wear headphones when you play ASMR Slicing. The sounds just won’t work well coming out of your tinny Android speakers. The better the headphones, the better the experience. You want to be able to hear the time and effort put into this game by the developers and the experience just won’t be the same if you can’t hear the detailed sounds designed to give you strong haptic feedback. We recommend trying out some really great headphones, or even hooking your phone up to a pair of good speakers to get the most out of this fun game!


ASMR Sounds

The developers have likely taken actual recorded ASMR sounds and overlaid them into this game. That makes it really feel like you are actually slicing through these objects made of kinetic sand. Of course, because this is an Android game, the devs have got a few things messed up - they have tried to add some gameplay sounds but you can turn these off in the menu when you download ASMR Slicing. Otherwise you can sit back and enjoy the relaxing ASMR sounds which are designed to totally relax you.

ASMR Slicing APK

Download the modded apk for ASMR Slicing to play with all objects and with no annoying adverts spoiling the relaxing gameplay.

Download ASMR Slicing [159.99 Mb]


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