Arcade Hole APK 1.1.29

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If you love IO games, then Arcade Hole APK for you. Enjoy a fun game where you can become a black hole that can swallow every item for money.

Arcade Hole APK 1.1.29
Name Arcade Hole
Compatible with Android 6.0+
Last version 1.1.29
Size 92.35 Mb
Category Arcade
Developer Rollic Games
Price Free
Google Play Link com.quok.arcadeHole

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Download Arcade Hole APK – Eat Items

There are different types of mobile games that are available for us to enjoy now. Developers make different types of games in various genres to allow people to have the freedom to choose.

But if you’re a player who enjoys simple buy addictive games, then IO or casual games are for you. One of these games is called Arcade Hole in which you’ll become a black hole.

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You may have had your fair share of weird games by now but this one may top the list. Here, you’ll become a black hole that can swallow a lot of different items for you to convert to cash.

There are no objectives or enemies other than the fact that you can convert different items to money. Then, you can upgrade various aspects like the radius, speed, and capacity. In this game, you can increase your size and eating capacity so you can eat more larger items for more money.

Become a Black Hole

We’re sure to have fun playing different types of games today which are available for free. If you’re someone who loves to play different types of games, then there are many of them to choose from.

From action games to simulation ones, there are no shortages of free games to enjoy. You can even enjoy casual games which are addictive and simple enough to be played anywhere. If you’re looking for a unique casual game to play, then try Arcade Hole now which is a fun IO game to play.

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You may have played casual games before, but this is a different one for you to enjoy. In this game, you’ll become a black hole that can eat all sorts of items available in the game.

But you can’t eat all the items as you have a limit, and you must increase your size. Here, you can eat many items and convert them into cash without any limits. But you can also upgrade your radius, speed, and capacity.

This is a fun and simple game to play anytime you’re bored. Try it now and you might just get addicted to it!

Arcade Hole Features

If you’re searching for that one casual game to play on your break time, try Arcade Hole now.

Become a black hole – We’re free to search the market for many types of free games today. From racing ones to action to adventure, there are so many of them to choose from.

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There are no shortages of fun games to play when you’re someone who gets bored easily. If you like casual games, then you’re able to install Arcade Hole now and become a black hole that swallows everything in your path.

In the game, you can swallow various items each with different worth that you can convert to money. Here, there are various items in different sizes that you can swallow but you’ll have a limited limit at start. You must upgrade your stats like speed, radius, and capacity so you can swallow more items.

This is a fun game that doesn’t force you to complete any quest that’s tiresome. This is a fun game which you can play anytime you want as it’s unique and fun. The controls are simple, and you can enjoy the animation. 

Swallow every item – The casual genre is filled with games that we can enjoy to the brim. With Arcade Hole, you can become a black hole which can swallow any item in your path. Here, you can swallow various items and gems that are worth real money.

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After you swallow them and get full, you can dump them into the machine, and it will be converted to real money. The gameplay is simple enough for anyone to understand and start playing. Here, you can upgrade a lot of things!

Upgrade your stats – In Arcade Hole, you can upgrade many things so you can swallow more items and earn more money. First, you can upgrade your speed which will allow you to get to different areas faster. At first, you’ll have normal speed, but you can upgrade it continually.

Then, there’s also the radius of the circle so you can fit more items easily. This will allow you to get more expensive gems which are larger and heavier. Lastly, you can upgrade your capacity so you can take in more items per trip. The more you upgrade, the more money you’ll need for the next.

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Fun 3D game – This is a fun 3D casual game for anyone to play. There are no penalties or failures in this game as it’s a fun one. You can move around your black hole using a simple movement pad. Then, you can control everything by touching the screen.

Download Arcade Hole APK – Latest version

You can get rich in Arcade Hole by swallowing everything in your path! Convert gems into money now.

Download Arcade Hole [92.35 Mb]


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