YoWhatsApp APK v8.35

Download YOWhatsApp APK – latest version – for Android to get WhatsApp kitted out with some great new features. Here’s the lo-down on features and security.


Information of YoWhatsApp APK v8.35

Compatible withAndroid 4.4+
Latest versionv8.35
DeveloperFouad Mokdad
Size33 MB
Category Communication

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Want to unlock some new features on WhatsApp? Is it safe to do so? Here we give you the answers and provide you with the link to download YOWhatsApp APK.


WhatsApp is actually even more popular than Facebook, with over a billion users in total. If you’ve noticed some of your friends using WhatsApp with some extra features, then the chances are they’re using YOWhatsApp.

A brief history of YOWhatsApp

YOWhatsApp APK isn’t the first mod of the messenger app. There have been similar ones in the past – such as WhatsApp Plus – that were so popular that the official WhatsApp had to take on board some of the modded features to squash them.


A notable example of this was the ability to hide when you’re online – this is actually a feature that WhatsApp took from a modded version of the app.

The big problem with mods for WhatsApp has always been security. Many people have also been banned from WhatsApp for using a modded version of the app. If this is a risk that you’re willing to take, then by all means download YOWhatsApp – but we warn you in advance: it’s worth covering your tracks a little.

Is YOWhatsApp safe?

As mentioned above, you could possibly be banned from WhatsApp by using a modded version of the app. There have been other security concerns raised in the past, such as whether your messages are encrypted or not. Another issue is whether the app is communicating with outside servers (which it appears to be).

Furthermore, YOWhatsApp APK won’t get official updates from the Play Store unless the developers mirror these updates in their own software. These updates are important in protecting the app from cyber-attacks.

To counter the above points of concern, hundreds of thousands of people have reviewed YOWhatsApp without mentioning any bother. That does seem to suggest that this app is safe to use. You’re potentially giving away some information or allowing ads to pop up here and there, but this isn’t likely to cause you much distress (at least not in the short term).


We’d say that overall, the app is relatively safe to use. If you’re a keen tech-head who wants to experiment with new features and be ahead of the curve, then using YOWhatsApp APK is going to be fun for you.

WhatsNew in YOWhatsApp?

Enjoy that little word play? We sure did. The app has an array of new features which make using it a lot more fun and unique than the original app.

  • Privacy: You can choose who can message you, as well as hide when you’re online while still seeing if others are online.
  • Security: Lock your app with a PIN, fingerprint, or pattern to provide extra security for your messages. Why this isn’t in the official version of the app, we’ll never know.
  • Different fonts: You can customize your display name and send messages in a variety of different fonts, allowing you to add a unique touch to your online presence,
  • Send files over 700MB: There is no limit to the size of files that can be transferred on YOWhatsApp, effectively making it a file-sharing platform in its own right.
  • More emojis: You get all the Android Oreo emojis to add to your arsenal of smiley faces, allowing you to express yourself more clearly.

Download YOWhatsApp APK Free – Latest Version

Interested? We thought you might be. Follow the link to download YOWhatsApp APK latest version for Android now. Level up your messenger game with an all new kitted-out version of WhatsApp. Enjoy!


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