GB WhatsApp Pro Mod APK v17.70

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GBwhatsapp Pro Mod APK Update Download 2024 - Latest version - Free for Android and enjoy the extra features that come with the app. It is considered one of the best versions of WhatsApp

GB WhatsApp Pro Mod APK v17.70
Name GB WhatsApp Pro
Compatible with Android 4.4+
Last version v17.70
Size 75 MB
Category Communication
Developer AlexMods
Price Free

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The GB WhatsApp Mod APK is the leading boosted version of the original WhatsApp application for Android phones with lots of added extra features. With a market full of social apps like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, WhatsApp allows its users to communicate with others over Wi-Fi. You can use voice chat like a phone call, or send written messages independently or part of a group chat. The app has many great built in features, such as encrypted messaging, photo attachments and file sharing, but the GB WhatsApp APK adds much more to the original offering.


There are lots of added features when you download the GBWhatsApp APK, including auto-reply, sharing live locations, monitoring your messages, and much more. We’ll go into more detail about the different features below. This app is recommended for anyone who uses WhatsApp regularly to communicate with others - downloading GBWhatsApp gives you a lot more functionality, more than any other social app available for Android. It’s easy to download and install and will work on most phones.

Best Features of GB WhatsApp

As a standard package, WhatsApp is a revolutionary tool developed to help people communicate easily with each other over Wi-Fi and data connection. Its simple layout and easy-to-use chat function has made it an excellent choice for those who want to talk with their friends all over the world. You can easily set up group chats, send files, and organise meetings all through simple buttons in the app. However, if you want to get more out of this fantastic app, GB WhatsApp is for you. Here is a list of the extra features and why it’s definitely worth downloading this upgraded version of WhatsApp.


Auto Reply Function to Send Messages Easily

Ever frustrated by having to type out the same message over and over again? This is especially irritating for those who use WhatsApp for business or often find themselves too busy to reply right away. You might also receive a lot of similar messages over and over again. GB WhatsApp auto-reply function allows you to set a default response to a range of different messages. This saves you time, hassle and also keeps your friends up to date. It’s really simple to use and you can set up any sort of response you like.

DND Disable Functionality

Are you regularly using other apps on your phone which you don’t want to interrupt each other? Using the GB WhatsApp DND feature you can turn off the internet connection for WhatsApp only - this means that while you’re using your phone for other important things you won’t be disturbed by a call or message. Again, this is great for business users or for those who use their phones for gaming. Nothing worse than receiving a call right in the middle of an important game!


Broadcast Text Messages to Large Groups

Although you can send messages to groups on the default WhatsApp, broadcasting to lots of people is a bit more difficult. Using WhatsApp GB apk you can messages to multiple contacts at the same time, great for marketing, messaging friends about an upcoming event, and for use during special events. It’s a very simple function that is easy to use, which is one of the reasons it’s a great idea to download this app.

Filter Your Messages Using GBWhatsApp

One very useful feature of GB WhatsApp is the ability to filter your messages, allowing for certain words, phrases and even people to be organised into different categories. This means you can keep your messages arranged just how you want them while also filtering out spam messages. If you are a frequent user of WhatsApp then this upgrade is definitely handy. The filter option also comes with the ability to clear your messages in one go, saving you lots of time and effort deleting messages one by one.


Share Your Live Location with Friends

Sharing your location with friends is a super useful feature. It makes meeting up very easy, and you won’t have to keep checking the map. This is also great for parents who want to keep track of their kids and to make sure they’re staying safe. On GBWhatsApp you can share your live location and be discovered with others who are also the app - you won’t be able to use this feature if your friends are using the default WhatsApp, so make sure they download the GBWhatsApp APK too.

Added Effects Options for Pictures and Video

GBWhatsApp comes with built-in video and picture-editing features which make it easy to customise your photos and make them look fantastic. You won’t have to download a third-party editing app to add something a little extra to your videos and pictures. There’s a huge range of different stickers, filters and other cool options that you might find in a regular photo editing application. If you want to create really awesome looking photos this is the app to download.


Send Large Files and Pictures

If you weren’t sure, the standard WhatsApp has a maximum file size for both pictures and downloadable files. It maxes out at around 16Mb, which is quite large, but sometimes not big enough. Using the GBWhatsApp apk download you can send big files way up into the GBs. This is super useful for work use as well as sending files to your friends and contacts.

Customise Your Font

Tired of the same old WhatsApp font? Want to add a special effect to your app, or make it easier to read your messages? Using GBWhatsApp you can add lots of different fonts to customise the app to your liking. There are bold fonts, simple fonts, large fonts, small fonts - any type of text can be chosen to make the app truly yours!

Download GBWhatsApp Pro APK - Extra Features for Android

Download and install the GBWhatsApp APK Pro v17.70 update 2024 easily to enjoy lots of added features on this great social communication application.

Download GB WhatsApp Pro [75 MB]


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