Yalla Ludo APK

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Ludo and Domino are popular board games in the world. In Yalla Ludo APK, you can experience a multiplayer game where you can play with real people.

Yalla Ludo APK
Name Yalla Ludo
Compatible with Android 5.0+
Last version
Size 232.07 Mb
Category Board
Developer Aviva Sun
Price Free
Google Play Link com.yalla.yallagames

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Download Yalla Ludo APK – Multiplayer Board Game

If you want a board game to play, the Google Play Store has thousands to offer. Yalla Ludo is a fun app which features two games – Ludo and Domino. Ludo was popular in India for some time but now it has regained its reign through apps.

If you didn’t know what Ludo is, it’s a strategy board game that can be played of 2 up to 4 players. The goal is to get their four tokens to the finish line by rolling the dice.

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Aside from Ludo, players can enjoy playing Domino which is a classic board game. It’s a game that consists of 28 tiles and the players will put the tiles according to the rules.

The game ends when one player has no more tiles left or if none of the players can play any tile. But the twist is that you can play with real people in the world here. You can freely select different variations and adjust the difficulty as well. 

How to Play Yalla Ludo

In India, Ludo is a popular strategy game enjoyed by people of all walks of life. But since everyone has turned to smartphones, the game also transitioned to a digital format.

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With Yalla Ludo, anyone can play with two to four players in a game of Ludo. The game is quite simple, but the rules stretch out the gameplay. Put simply, the goal of the game is for all four of your pieces to make it to the finish line.

But you can’t just move them however you want as you need to roll the dice. To start, you’ll need to get a 6 on a die and then wait for your next turn. The pieces can only move on the white part of the board.

There are also additional rules to take note of such as when a path is blocked by two pieces. In such cases, only the same-colored pieces can pass through. 

In the case of dominoes, it can also be played by two to four players. For two players, each one gets seven dominoes and 5 each for four players. The goal of the game is to get rid of all your tiles first.

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This is done by placing the same-numbered tile in the playable tiles. There are also additional rules to take note of like when a player doesn’t have a domino with a matching value, they must pick one.

What Does Yalla Ludo Offer?

Excited to play some classic board games? Here’s what Yalla Ludo has to offer:

Two board games - Yalla Ludo offers two board games which are Ludo and Dominoes. These board games are easy to play as we’ve mentioned above. There are different rules for each board game, but each one can be finished within 10 minutes or longer.

A betting system – To spice things up, there’s a betting system in the game. Although they don’t use real money, the stakes can be high here. You can bet all your coins and win or lose them all. You can select the number of coins you can bet in each game. Your bet will come back larger if you win.

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Multiplayer – In Yalla Ludo, you won’t be fighting bots but real people. The human element is what makes this game a bit different from usual board games. Since anything can happen, the stakes are high, and the game is more fun.

There are also private rooms which allows players to play with their friends either offline or online.

Two modes – There’s 1 on 1 mode and the 4-player mode for Ludo and Domino. There aren’t many changes in each mode aside from the number of players. The matching will also depend on your rank so similar rankings will play.

Four gameplays – Apart from the two modes, there are four gameplays here. These are the Classic, Master, Magic and Quick. The gameplay will not much differ from the regular ones but there are some tweaks here and there.

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Group voice chat and chat – Another fun aspect of Yalla Ludo is it allows group voice chat and chats. Players can even chat while playing so they can taunt, celebrate, or make friends! The best part is that you can invite your friends for a quick game and chat.

Download Yalla Ludo APK – latest version

Yalla Ludo is a strategy multiplayer board game that’s enjoyed by hundreds and millions of players. Download it for free now to get all the coins.

Download Yalla Ludo [232.07 Mb]


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